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The Ultimate Guide to Birthstone Amethyst Gemstone

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Birthstone Amethyst represents February month. This birthstone is a type of Quartz and can assist you in maintaining a calm attitude and is perfect for displaying any birthstone jewelry, such as rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. For centuries, the birthstone Amethyst has been treasured in many civilizations, religions, and royalty hearts. It was given its name because it was thought to assist persons from getting intoxicated.

This blog article will cover everything there is to know about the February gemstone, from its history to its chemistry and metaphysical properties. Learn more about the beauty of this magnificent purple gem as you reap the many benefits of your first Amethyst stone.

Amethyst Origins

While the exact date of discovery is hidden, reports indicate birthstone amethyst evidence as far back as 25,000 years in France. Ancient humans are believed to have used Amethyst as jewelry, as pieces of the stone are connected with the remains of Neolithic man. Amethyst deposits are found worldwide, including Canada, Mexico, Uruguay, Brazil, Zambia, and the United States. The country of Brazil is still the primary source of Amethyst.

Since antiquity, birthstone Amethyst has been connected with gods and goddesses when its stunning attractiveness and appearance were praised. According to tales, the ancient Greeks considered the color of Amethyst to be similar to wine, so it was linked to Bacchus, the god of wine. The Greek term amethystos, “to intoxicate,” gave the stone its name. Since the Greeks thought Amethyst had the power to prevent drunkenness and, as a result, increase clear-thinking.

The ancient Greeks and Romans used Amethyst in crowns and religious jewelry, just as valuable as Sapphire and Ruby. Amethyst was highly popular, well-liked, and one of the most sought-after gemstones of high society, from British royalty to high-ranking bishop’s rings.

The Color of Birthstone Amethyst 

Amethyst is a purple variety of Quartz. Because Quartz is one of the most common minerals found on the Earth’s surface, it comes in various colors. The amethyst stone varies from pinkish lilac to deep violet. Some amethysts even include traces of crimson. The gemstone color is primarily determined by minute impurities such as iron and manganese residues.

Amethyst is a relatively hard gem, with a Mohs hardness of 7. It may be worn in casual jewelry, such as earrings and pendants, and it has an endurance rating of 7 on the Mohs scale.

What to know about Birthstone Amethyst

This semi-precious stone, which is lovely and fascinating, has a unique mysticism that makes it even more priceless. From its name history and intriguing tales to its curative and therapeutic qualities, this alluring birthstone contains a wealth of great information you probably didn’t know.

The name “amethyst” originates from the Greek term “amethystos.

It’s a belief that has been passed down for ages in the ancient world. The name implies “not drunk or intoxicated.” It was supposed to prevent people from being tipsy after drinking alcohol. It goes back to Greek mythology, Dionysius, which is amusing.

amethyst gemstone
2,000-Year-Old Amethyst Seal Found in Israel

He was called the “god of the intoxication” for a reason. He became enraged over one particular human’s insult and decided to take revenge on any living thing to come his way. Birthstone Amethyst, a gorgeous young woman on her way to worship Diana, was the individual who incited him to this fury.

At that same time, as Amethyst was about to be clawed by the enraged tigers sent by Dionysius, Diana decided to change her into beautiful and crystalline Quartz to defend her. In remorse, he began to wipe the tears of wine from his cheeks as Dionysius witnessed the terrible deed he had committed on that helpless woman. The Dionysius wept tears on that Quartz, forming a precious amethyst stone at the very same time.

Aside from this tale, a few other legends are connected to the origin of this priceless stone. Some claim Bacchus, aided by Artemis, spilled wine on a precise quartz figure, while others say Bacchus dropped the wine. But, they all imply a lady who transforms into the quartz statue and is ultimately stained purple in some form.

February’s birthstone and Pisces’ traditional gemstone and a gem for Jupiter and Wednesdays.

Birthstone Amethyst is associated with Pisces intuition and spirituality, giving them spiritual guidance and inner calm by motivating them to dig into their problems to release stress and pain.

It is Quartz of purple variety. 

The Amethyst is one of the most valuable quartz crystal varieties and the higher value of its family. Amethyst thrives in ferrous oxide solutions, abundant in macrocrystalline varieties of Quartz with a chemical makeup that causes it to have such a great color.

Color Intensity determines its Value. 

Birthstone Amethysts come in various colors, but the most valuable are purple. But, very few have a deep purple color, making them more useful.

Amethyst is Somewhat Softer Than Most Gemstones.

The more room they get, the more creative they can be with their bespoke artistic designer shapes. In Bernd Munsteiner’s personalized “fantasy cut,” we may notice amethyst stones, but also oval, emerald, triangle, cushion, marquise, and even cabochon shapes.

Amethyst is a birthstone that complements both minimalist and maximalist styles. In a great ring, dainty studs, or tiny, elegant pendants, you may make a statement with this beautiful semi-precious stone.

birthstone amethyst pendant gold
Birthstone Amethyst pendant in 18K Yellow Gold.

It’s a Type 2 Gemstone.

Because of this, the Amethyst is typically straightforward and pure. It is to imply, the majority of them are eye-clean.

Birthstone Amethysts Were Regarded As Valuable Gemstones Long Ago.

Due to its scarcity, Amethyst was considered a precious stone that was the same as diamonds. But in the 19th century, many amethyst deposits were found in South America, turning it into a semi-precious stone and lowering its Value.

The Birthstone Amethyst is a Highly Adored Gemstone by Royalty.

Since ancient times, royal persons and members of society’s elite from around the world kept an amethyst piece in their jewelry drawers.

It is well documented that Queen Catherine the Great of Russia and Cleopatra loved Amethyst. We can, however, observe rulers wearing jewelry created with this semi-precious stone. The Duchess of Windsor’s stunning turquoise, Amethyst, and diamond necklace at the l’Orangerie ball in 1953 is only one example of an excellent look of a royal wearing birthstone amethyst. It was created for her in 1947.

The amethyst “demi-parure” is among the oldest pieces in Windsor Collection.

The Kent Duchess was the queen’s mother and wears it frequently, as does HRH Queen Elizabeth.

Citrine is Found in Amethyst.

When Amethyst is heated above 300°C and 400°C, it becomes yellow and is sold as a fake citrine.

On Ametrine, You’ll Also Find Amethyst.

Amethyst and citrine are mixed in ametrine, healing physical and emotional wounds.

It’s usually given on the 6th or 17th anniversaries.

The Birthstone Amethysts are traditionally given as a wedding anniversary gift to commemorate years in a marriage, in 6 years and 17 years of marriage. It is also referred to as the iron anniversary – because they contain the energy of love and passion.

It can be found in almost every continent.

Despite this, Brazil is among the most active areas facing and mining this semi-precious stone. Other places to find Amethyst are Africa, the United States, Uruguay, Russia, Argentina, and Madagascar.

The effect of this crystal is to balance and harmonize.

Amethyst is a stone that protects against psychic attacks and transforms negative energy, pain, and tension into love. The gem is also recognized for its natural sleep aid. It also relieves stress and anxiety, balances the mood swings, soothes irritation and temperamental behavior, disperses anger, anxiety, and fear, and dissolves negativity. All of the benefits are a result of harmonizing and balancing effects. 

It’s claimed that birthstone Amethyst possesses healing powers for back discomfort, headaches, and the pancreas. 

amethyst gemstone
High quality Amethyst gemstone ready for a jewelry designs.

Many shamans, healers, and some medicine men have used Amethyst throughout history as the healing stone for ailments, especially when it comes into touch with that afflicted region of skin where the issue is located.

It’s frequently used as one of the best feng shui tools.

Birthstone Amethyst is beneficial in various ways, depending on the location you utilize it. Amethyst is commonly used for wisdom and knowledge to raise self-love, decrease stress, improve meditation, and enhance sound sleep. However, owing to its flexibility, it may also enhance the energy flow in any other sector.

It has been used in love magic.

Because of its power to convert negative energies to love, this gem has been utilized in love magic for centuries. It is believed that when your loved one’s name is whispered into the amethyst stone, then their love will be called.

Amethyst is still a talisman in most cultures.

Birthstone Amethyst was used in medieval Europe to defend soldiers and assist them in winning a war. It was utilized as an amulet with a heart-shaped feature during the burial ceremonies in ancient Egypt. In Egypt, it’s worn to safeguard against danger while traveling. The Greeks regarded them as the talisman since they believed that such a gemstone could elicit humanity’s most delicate and pure aspirations when worn.

What does this February birthstone mean?

Birthstone Amethyst, one of the most well-known semi-precious stones due to its warm, inviting rainbow of purple color variations, is a black diamond. Amethyst may range from an ultra-light pinkish tint to a deep saturated purple color with undertones similar to iolite. 

It makes birthstone Amethyst an excellent stone for daily wear and uses since it has a Mohs hardness of 7. Carry your Amethyst with you every day, knowing that it is durable enough to be your most beloved companion.

Amethyst, also known as the royal February birthstone, is a lovely purple variety with many exciting ways to be worn. It makes an excellent present for anybody who appreciates its rich purple hues and outstanding adaptability, which is fantastic for any jewelry design.

amethyst chart healing process
Gemstone Amethyst has many healing benefits.

Benefits of Amethyst 

1. Balanced energy

2. Tension release

3. Better sleep

4. Brings stability

5. Calming power

6. Lowers the negative energy

Amethyst has also been associated with tranquillity, strength, and stability. The Amethyst is gorgeous and provides a distinctive purple warmth to people born in February regardless of its inherent qualities.

The Healing Properties 

Because the color of Quartz is purple, it has been dubbed one of the great healers among gemstones. The birthstone for February is linked to the crown and root chakras, but it may also be utilized on any of the Chakras. Amethyst, like other gems, can be used for spiritual purposes. Birthstone Amethyst is beneficial for improving their confidence, well-being, and sense of inner balance.

 It helps relieve feelings of sadness, anxiety, and stress by providing a soothing presence that allows you to reclaim your inner self-assurance and enthusiasm for a living once again.

Amethyst is said to have the ability to enhance clairvoyant or psychic skills. Amethyst has the power to move energy throughout the body and eliminate any blockages that you may have inadvertently stored deep within your mind’s corner. Amethyst can enhance your intuition and clear your mind, allowing you to take practical actions required to pursue your ambitions and goals through meditative techniques.

Amethyst is reputed to have soothing effects that help relieve tension and balance moods. The Ancient Romans and Greeks thought amethysts had therapeutic properties, which they used to guard against evil forces and keep the wearers clear-minded and perceptive. Amethyst is also beneficial for those who are experiencing anger and anxiety, as well as pessimism. 

It’s been said that individuals who wear amethyst jewelry will benefit from these natural healing qualities. Even Leonardo da Vinci has regarded the gemstone as a cognitive enhancer that would quicken intellect and dispel evil thoughts.

Amethyst helps relieve stomachache and other discomforts in the digestive system (gastric distension and other issues). When Amethyst is worn or used regularly, it reduces edema.

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