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Unveiling the Metaphysical and Healing Properties of Tanzanite: Meaning, Uses, and Benefits

What is Tanzanite Gemstone?

Tanzanite Gemstone is the blue and violet variety of the mineral zoisite, which was discovered in the Merelani Hills at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro in Northern Tanzania in 1967. Tiffany & Co named it “tanzanite” and introduced it to the world by making it into gorgeous jewelry pieces.

The stunning violet hues of tanzanite are unlike any other gemstone due to small amounts of the element vanadium. Tanzanite is renowned globally as one of the most beautiful blue gemstones on earth.

Tanzanite has a hardness rating of 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs hardness scale. It has a trichroic effect, meaning it shows different colors when viewed from different angles. From one angle, tanzanite appears blue and from another, rich violet.

This mesmerizing color changing property makes each tanzanite totally unique. The rarest and most valuable tanzanite exhibits a strong violet-blue color change.

A Tanzanite stone resting on a rock.

Key Takeaways

  • Tanzanite gemstone is a rare blue and violet gemstone discovered in 1967 near Mount Kilimanjaro.
  • It has a rich blue and violet color caused by trace elements of vanadium.
  • Tanzanite gemstone is said to be one of the most powerful crystals for activating the third eye and crown chakras.
  • It stimulates intuitive abilities and connects us with divine guidance.
  • Tanzanite gemstone aids in detoxifying the aura and releasing old emotional patterns.
  • It brings a sense of calm and inner peace by helping restore balance.
  • Tanzanite is associated with harmony, communication, transformation, intuition, and spirituality.

Tanzanite gemstone is a mesmerizing blue and violet gemstone encompassing beauty, rarity and profound healing properties. As a highly coveted crystal amongst healers and gemstone enthusiasts, tanzanite emanates a deeply mystical energy.

The Metaphysical Meaning of Tanzanite

In crystal healing traditions, tanzanite is treasured for its high frequency energy and transformative properties. It’s known as a “stone of magic” that unlocks one’s ability to move into altered states of consciousness.

Tanzanite is a powerful third eye chakra and crown chakra stone, attuning us to receive psychic information and access higher guidance. It opens a gateway to profound wisdom by stimulating the higher mind and enhancing spiritual communication.

Many intuitives use tanzanite to amplify clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience. It’s an excellent aid for those channels, mediums and healers seeking to sharpen extrasensory perception and energetically scan the aura.

Through its crown and third eye activation, tanzanite infuses the body with divine light and reconnects us to our luminous spirit. It’s cherished for bringing through advanced downloads, codes and soul activations to transform consciousness to new levels.

Tanzanite gemstone also carries a soothing and calming energy that settles the mind and nervous system. It instills an abiding inner peace that keeps the spirit renewed.

Overall, tanzanite is the gemstone ally for those on the spiritual path seeking to become a clear channel to bring through divine inspiration and serve from an awakened state.

Healing Properties and Uses of Tanzanite

Tanzanite has a rich healing legacy and is imbued with rejuvenating energy that heals and aligns the physical and spiritual body.

Emotional & Spiritual Healing

Tanzanite helps break old emotional patterns stemming from childhood and past life trauma. Its energy softens hardened blocks around the heart, allowing suppressed shadows to release.

Tanzanite is a stone of transformation that facilitates profound breakthroughs and beneficial changes. It compels us to let go of mindsets, beliefs and behaviors preventing soul growth.

By surrendering the ego to the emergent intuitive self, tanzanite opens new pathways of possibility. It’s a stone of visionaries that shows new horizons once limited belief systems dissolve.

Tanzanite gemstone infuses us with higher insight, direction and creative inspiration needed to reinvent ourselves. It emboldens radical change by amplifying courage, purpose and motivation for creating necessary change.

Chakra Alignment & Energy Clearing

Tanzanite carries a high vibration that finely tunes the energy body. It powerfully activates, aligns and detoxifies all chakras, while concentrating its energy primarily on the crown and third eye.

Placing tanzanite at these key upper chakras opens a clear corridor for divine light to flow throughout the whole system. This alignment allows the free expression and integration of soul gifts, healing intuition and multidimensional awareness.

Tanzanite purifies a dense or blocked chakra system by flushing out stuck trauma patterns imprinted in one’s field. Its energy disentangles cords heavy attachments that drain life force. It essentially clears space for the light body/spirit to fully embody and sustainably thrive.

Psychic Protection & Boundaries

By raising our vibration and fortifying the aura, tanzanite forms an empowered boundary or shield against unwanted energy infiltration and manipulation.

It’s an invaluable ally that prevents energy leakage and strengthens spiritual immunity. Tanzanite reinforces our commitment to self care by helping set healthy limits against people or situations causing energetic harm.

A tanzanite stone sitting on a rock in a garden.

Physical Healing

Tanzanite gemstone boosts vitality by infusing cells with life force energy. It’s helpful for bringing chronic fatigue relief, reducing inflammation and easing migraines.

Tanzanite stimulates the throat chakra which governs the thyroid and vocal cords. It’s supportive for thyroid problems, laryngitis or throat infections as it restores optimal energetic flow in this region.

Placing tanzanite over thyroid area is said to balance hormone secretions and improve metabolic function. Some report tanzanite helped strengthen the voice when worn as necklace.

How To Use Tanzanite For Healing

There are many possibilities for harnessing tanzanite’s healing gifts. Here are some top ways to use this crystal ally for transformation:


Meditating with tanzanite takes one on a cosmic journey beyond the physical world into sublime spiritual dimensions. It opens an instant corridor to communicate with spirit guides, angels or masters.

Place tanzanite at the third eye or hold it overhead while lying down to amplify inner vision and receive inner tuition. Gazing into a tanzanite gem unlocks a seer’s sight allowing prophetic downloads for one’s destiny.

Tanzanite quiets mental chatter for those struggling to hear divine guidance beneath anxious thought-forms. It enables clear transmission of cosmic intuition within a sanctuary of stillness.

Use tanzanite gemstone to journey into past lives for soul retrieval and karma healing. It anchors the light body into physical form after visiting alternate realities.

Energy Clearing & Protection

Perform aura and chakra clearing rituals with tanzanite to realign your field to its Divine blueprint. Charge water with tanzanite in sunlight or under the full moon for enhancing ritual power.

Mist your personal bubble with tanzanite infused water to reinforce spiritual boundaries. Make a gem essence by placing tanzanite in spring water for several hours to deeply imprint its healing codes for internal and topical use.

Set your intentions while bathing then relax into its restorative energies by placing tanzanite stones at each chakra. Tanzanite restores inner equilibrium vital for empaths and energy workers interacting with heavy collective energies.

Wear tanzanite gemstone jewelry over the third eye, throat or heart chakra for continuous energy shielding throughout the day. Sleep next to tanzanite for security against lower vibrational astral entities visiting dreamstate.

Life Transition

When setting sail for major life overhaul, keep tanzanite close by as a reminder of your luminous spirit navigating this sacred passage. It empowers radical change by aligning one with their core essence and higher calling.

Tanzanite gemstone alleviates doubt, instills courage in times of uncertainty, and inspires right action aligned with soul truth during volatile transition.

Channel Development

For those committed to develop healing and psychic gifts, wearing tanzanite helps quickly amplify metaphysical abilities and energetic resonance.

Use tanzanite when giving channeled readings, energy work or sound healing to boost transmission strength and diamond clarity downloads.

A Tanzanite stone sits on a wooden table next to a candle.

How To Care For Tanzanite Jewelry

Tanzanite gemstones rate 6.5-7 on the Mohs hardness scale, so they are suitable and often used for jewelry. However their vulnerability to pressure damage calls for mindful care.

Remove tanzanite jewelry before physical activities where bumping can occur. Store pieces in soft cloth bags versus throwing loosely into a jewelry box to prevent scratching.

Use a non-abrasive jewelry cleanser and soft brush under running water to clear away skin oils and dust around prongs. Pat dry with a soft cloth.

If concerned about damage, only have trustworthy gem professionals perform repairs or restorations for tanzanite jewelry. Avoid ultrasonic cleaners which can weaken prongs over time.

Is Tanzanite Ethical & Conflict-Free?

Tanzanite One, the largest private mining company established in 1990, has implemented extensive ethical mining practices and community enrichment programs surrounding their operations near Mount Kilimanjaro.

They are certified members of the Responsible Jewelry Council supporting human rights, social and environmental responsibility in colored gemstone mining.

When sourcing tanzanite, inquire jewelers about their suppliers and buy from companies adhering to ethical and sustainable standards that give back to local communities. This ensures consciousness from mine to market.

Tanzanite Meaning In Legends & Lore

According to Massai tribal legends in Northern Tanzania, tanzanite is a spiritual stone gift from ancestors bringing messages of wisdom from beyond the veil.

The rare discovery of tanzanite in 1967, after forming 585 million years ago within Mt Kilimanjaro’s volcanic fires, holds mystical significance. It first emerged at a pivotal turning point when much of humanity was opening doors of consciousness through spiritual awakening movements.

Like a divine cosmic calling, tanzanite crossed the veil into human awareness to activate sacred ancient codes within our DNA. This facilitated accelerated spiritual development for those drawn to its high frequency.

Is Tanzanite A Birthstone or Zodiac Crystal?

Tanzanite gemstone is not a traditional birthstone, but it resonates beautifully as a metaphysical birthstone for visionaries, healers, creatives and those embracing spiritual awakening.

It’s perfect for anyone ready to shed old skins, elevate perspective and walk a soul-aligned path. The transformational energy makes this a stone of rebirth and self actualization particularly after age 40 activation.

As an extra dimensional gemstone that carries codes for embodying one’s luminous blueprint, tanzanite fuels radical life changes that liberate one’s authentic self.

Though not directly linked with any zodiac, it’s a potent stone for:

**Clairvoyant Water signs (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio) seeking to develop intuitive gifts and interpret symbolic downloads.

**Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) who rely on clear communication or mental acuity for their work. It builds interdimensional thought bridges.

**Visionary Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) catalyzing innovative ideas, leadership or spiritual entrepreneurship after experiencing an existential awakening.

No matter one’s sun sign, tanzanite aids anyone consciously participating in humanity’s spiritual ascension. It lifts the veil for modern mystics calling forth ancient futures centered in wholeness.

Final Thoughts On Tanzanite

Tanzanite is inarguably one of earth’s most treasured crystals, emanating the vibrant life force from Tanzanian peaks overlooking the plains where human life first emerged. It bridges seen and unseen worlds, accessing lost ancestral wisdom to chart an enlightened path forward.

This rare blue beauty beckons to those feeling the call to awaken and radically realign with soul purpose. By sweeping clean inner vision and connecting with Source light, Tanzanite kindles the personal power to wholly reclaim one’s truth and live fervently from it. Allow Tanzanite to unlock latent gifts needed for the unfolding spiritual renaissance.

Three tanzanite stones on a blue surface.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes tanzanite so special? Tanzanite is the only gemstone with vivid hues of blue and violet caused by trace amounts of vanadium. One of the rarest gemstones on Earth, tanzanite is 1000 times more scarce than diamond. The short window of tanzanite supply makes it exceptionally valuable.

Where does natural tanzanite come from? The only source for natural tanzanite is the Merelani mining site at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro in Northern Tanzania, East Africa.

Why is tanzanite gemstone so expensive? Tanzanite’s scarcity and extreme popularity has made it one of the most coveted gemstones, fetching higher prices per carat than diamonds or rubies in fine quality forms. As the only mining area becomes depleted, prices are expected to skyrocket even more.

What jewelry should I choose for tanzanite? Select protective settings like bezel mountings that wrap sturdy metal all around the stone. Softer settings leave prongs vulnerable to snagging on clothing or impact which can cause chips and cracks. Prioritize safety since tanzanite rates between 6.5-7 on the Mohs hardness scale.

What is Merelaniite tanzanite? Merelaniite refers to extremely rare tanzanite exhibiting a rich violet and blue color change. This exceptional color changing quality is most vivid in gemstones formed nearer to the earth’s surface within Tanzania’s Merelani Hills volcanic deposits.

How can you tell if tanzanite gemstone is real? Depending on color intensity, tanzanite shows trichroism meaning three shades depending on viewing angle – blue, violet and burgundy-brown. Scratch test for hardness is unreliable. Schedule an appraisal with a gemologist to determine authenticity and whether treated.

Hope this comprehensive guide provides a helpful overview on tanzanite! Please share any other questions in the comments.

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