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Welcome to Wonderino’s – a jewelry online institution in Beverly Hills. We have been doing business for more than 10 years and are proud to develop positive visitor relations. We have worked hard to build relationships with our visitors during the enterprise, develop returning visitors, and provide our existing shoppers with solid advice. Confidence and loyalty make the most substantial ties, and our readers know that there is no jewelry article experience like the Wonderino’s for the finest, high-quality gemstone articles.

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Siman Group

Siman Group Magazine and a network of contributors from around the world will bring Wonderino to you. On this website, we cover the latest trends in jewelry, interview designers and designers of high jewelry, share reports from international events, and provide practical guidelines on buying diamonds, gems, and joy. Some of the most skillful and passionate experts in the field are our authors. Siman Group network provides value-added services that promote a fair, transparent, efficient, and competitive diamond and gemstones market.

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Our Exceptional Team

Wonderino, the nontraditional workplace where people pay for “the experience,” doesn’t have a fancy office with the most comfortable chairs or what appear to be impractical meeting rooms in the middle of an open work floor.

We're digital, our people live remotely, and our workforce is distributed worldwide. Each member of our team is a full-time, professional freelancer with years of experience with jewelry writing and marketing .

It takes many hours to work together, each person's skills can be specialized, and we don't look for the same person to do everything. Instead, we assemble a team approach emphasizing communication that we can put together as needed.