I am Simon

crazy web designer

Hi, I am Simon Sergi, the founder and content creator for Wonderino, the captivating jewelry blog and store dedicated to birthstones. With a passion for creativity and an eye for detail, my journey began at the prestigious Los Angeles Institute of Arts. I honed my skills and acquired the knowledge to enhance the Wondering experience.

My expertise in graphic design allowed me to bring life to the captivating world of birthstones. Through my artistic vision, I craft visually stunning designs that showcase the beauty of these precious gems and tell stories that resonate with readers and customers alike.

With a deep understanding of the significance and symbolism behind birthstones, I ensure that every piece of content I create for Wonderino is infused with meaning and inspiration. From engaging blog articles to captivating social media visuals, my work captivates audiences and sparks a sense of wonder and curiosity.

As a valuable member of the Wondering team, my passion for design and content creation shines through in everything I do. With my creative touch, I continue to elevate Wonderino’s presence in the jewelry world, inspiring others to embrace the beauty and significance of birthstones.

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I am Leoni

Content Manager

Hi, My name is Leoni Kim, I’m a content creator for Wonderino, the captivating world of birthstone jewelry. With a passion for storytelling and a keen eye for detail, I bring to life the enchanting allure of birthstones through a captivating words.

As we weave together each gem’s rich history, symbolism, and beauty, I invite you on a journey of discovery and self-expression. With my expertly crafted content, Wonderino becomes more than just a blog and store – it becomes a treasure trove of inspiration, guiding you to find the perfect piece that resonates with your unique essence.

Join me on this magical exploration of birthstones, and let your inner radiance shine through the exquisite wonders of Wonderino.

We are a Los Angeles based Digital & Software Company

Welcome to Wonderino, where the world of jewelry and gemstones comes alive! Our blog celebrates the beauty and significance of birthstones and gemstones.

Step into a captivating realm as we explore the history, symbolism, and healing properties of these precious stones. Each gemstone, from the allure of diamonds to emeralds’ vibrant hues, carries its unique story.

At Wonderino, jewelry is more than an accessory; it reflects your personality and style. Whether searching for that gift or treating yourself to something special, our thoughtfully curated articles offer a wide array of exquisite details that will capture your heart.

But we’re not only about blogging. We’re also a digital software company! With our technology and expertise, we aim to enhance your online experience by making it seamless and enjoyable. Our user-friendly platform ensures browsing, selection, and access to your favorite jewelry blogs with just a few simple clicks.

Join us as we delve into the world of birthstones and gemstones. Let’s uncover their hidden meanings while inspiring you to embrace your radiance. Discover the magic that awaits you at Wonderino today!

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