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The Ultimate Guide to Red Garnet Gemstone

Red Garnet is considered to be the best alternative to rubies. It has a beautiful rich color, and it’s very hard. The hardness of garnets ranges from 6.5 to 7.5 on the Mohs scale. It makes them harder than other gems like emerald or ruby. They are also more durable than most stones because they have a high silicon dioxide content, which gives them strength.

Garnet is one of the most popular types of garnets. Its name comes from its reddish-orange color caused by iron oxide. There are two different ways to get these stones. One way is to mine them out of the earth, while the other method is to heat the ore and then crush it into smaller pieces. Both methods can produce red garnets with different characteristics.

The price of red garnets depends on their size, quality, and cut. Smaller ones usually cost less than larger ones. Also, if you buy it online, there will be no sales tax or shipping charges. If you want to know more about garnets, keep reading!

red garnet ring in gold
This beautiful garnet ring is delicately set in 18k yellow gold. This elegant and captivating ring will add a hint of luxurious to your look.

Where is red garnet found?

Most people think that only certain countries have access to garnets, but actually, any country can produce them. Some of the largest producers of red garnets include the US, China, Australia, and India. Brazil, Russia, South Africa, Mexico, and Canada are some of the biggest mines.

Similar and variants of Garnet

Many similar stones look like garnet. For this reason, garnet has been broken into various species and types. Here are the top species of red garnet available today.

1. Almandine

It is one of the most common varieties of garnet. It looks almost exactly like the real thing. However, it doesn’t contain as much iron oxide as the original stone. Therefore, it’s not as bright and colorful. It is also the most challenging variety of garnet, making it ideal for jewelry.

2. Pyrope

Pyrope is another type of garnet. It contains a lot of iron oxide, and therefore, it appears orange. It is also softer than almandine garnet. It’s not as hard as red garnet, though. It is primarily used in industrial applications.

3. Spessartite

This form of garnet has an exciting history. It was discovered when scientists were looking for diamonds. When they found it, they thought it was a diamond. It wasn’t until later that they realized what they had seen. It is clear with bright orange coloration. It is also quite rare. Its stunning brilliance traits makes it perfect for use in jewelry.

4. Grossular

Another type of garnet is grossular. Its pure state appears colorless, whereas when it contains impunities, it turns green. It is also known as rose quartz. It is incredibly soft and can easily break apart. Grossular can be found in large quantities in shades ranging from reddish-orange to yellow.

5. Andradite

Andradite is a type of garnet that is often confused with red garnet. It is a bit softer than the latter. However, it remains relatively complex. It is also called bloodstone. It is sometimes referred to as a bloodstone because it resembles blood. It is also believed to bring good luck and prosperity to those who wear it.

6. Uvarovite

Uvarovite is yet another type of garnet that looks very similar to red garnet. It’s slightly more complex than the former. It is green in color with tiny crystals. It is also used in industry.

How to identify red garnet?

You should always check the stone’s clarity first. A clear stone means that it does not contain any impurities. You should also check whether it includes quartz or feldspars. Quartz is an essential mineral in garnet, so don’t worry if your stone doesn’t have any. However, if it does, you should avoid it because it may cause problems when cutting the stone. The last thing you want is a rough cut. If your stone contains feldspar, then you should keep it away from heat. It will ensure that the stone won’t lose its luster over time. In simple terms, you can use the 4 C’s of garnet to identify it. These are Color, Clarity, Cut, and Carat.


The color of the stone should match the description given by the seller. If he says that it’s red, you should expect it to appear red. If he says that the stone is white, you shouldn’t expect it to appear white.

garnet ring in 18k yellow gold
The garnet stone derives its name from the Latin word “granatum” meaning pomegranate, a fruit that has a similarly deep crimson color.


If the stone is clear, there should be no visible flaws such as cracks, spots, etc. If it isn’t clear, you should ask the seller about it. He might tell you that it’s natural or lab-created. Natural stones usually come with some flaws. Lab-created ones are flawless.


Garnets are generally cut into two parts. One part is the table which is the flat surface where the stone sits. The other part is the pavilion. The pavilion is the rounded portion of the stone. The size of the pavilion depends on the carat weight of the stone. The bigger the stone, the larger the pavilion.


Garnets are measured in carats. They range between 1/2 ct and ten cts: the smaller the number, the more expensive the stone.

Red Garnet Facts

1. Red Garnet is one of the most popular gemstones among women. Some believe that it brings them good luck. Others think that it helps them attract men.

2. There are different types of red garnet. The most common one is the ruby red variety. Other varieties include pink, brown, black, blue, and green.

3. Red garnet is considered a birthstone for January.

Uses of red Garnet

People use red garnet for various purposes. Some people believe that it protects their homes, while others say it wards off evil spirits. Here are some uses of red garnet:

red garnet stone in 18k white gold
Garnet is a gem that has been treasured for centuries and is believed to have been used as an amulet or talisman to ward off evil spirits.

1. Protection

Some people believe that red garnet protects their homes. They put it under their beds or in their closets. They say that it keeps away evil spirits. They also say that it prevents burglaries.

2. Love Stones

Love stones are gems that help couples stay together. People believe that red garnet is a love stone. They say that it makes them fall in love faster.

3. Jewelry making

Red garnet is used for jewelry making. It’s often used to make rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, etc.

4. Healing

Many people believe that red garnet has healing properties. They say that it cures diseases like cancer and aids in recovery after surgery.

5. Decorate houses

People decorate their houses with red garnet. They place it in windowsills, door frames, mantels, and fireplaces.

Garnet vs. Ruby- What is the confusion?

Many individuals confuse red garnet with ruby. Both are red-colored, but they’re very different. Since garnet and ruby look almost the same, you can consider using the following techniques to distinguish them.

1. Check the color

One way to tell if the stone is ruby or garnet is to check its color. Although garnet is red, they possess brown, orange, green, among other earthy stones. Ruby is vivid red, although slight variations may be due to bluish and purplish secondary hues.

round garnet stones
Round garnet isolated on white background. Gemstone

2. Hold each against a light source

Another method to determine whether the stone is ruby or not is by holding them up to a light source. If the stone is ruby, it will reflect the red and blue colors. On the other hand, if the stone is garnet, it will only reflect the green and yellow colors.

3. Check the refraction

The third technique to identify whether the stone is ruby is checking its refraction. It refers to how much the stone bends when it hits a prism. A ruby will bend more petite than a garnet.

4. Check for Hardness

You should also check the hardness of the stone. The moh scale should read 6.5- 7.5 on the Mohs Scale if it is garnet. In contrast, if the stone is ruby, the moh scale must be 9.

5. Seek professional advice

If none of these methods work, seek professional advice from an expert jeweler. They will be able to distinguish between the two stones easily.

Can I combine two different types of garnets?

Yes, you can combine two different types of red garnets. Just make sure that they complement each other.

How to care for red garnet

Caring for your red garnet is easy. It would help if you kept it clean. Cleaning your red garnet involves washing it with warm water and soap. Make sure that you dry it properly.

Here are some tips on caring for your red garnet:

Wash it regularly

Regularly wash your red garnet. It would help if you did this at least once every week. Use mild soap and lukewarm water. Do not scrub your red garnet, as this could damage it.

Dry it carefully

Once you’ve washed your red garnet, let it air dry. Never leave it wet. 

Store it safely

Keep your red garnet in a safe place. Avoid leaving it in direct sunlight. Also, avoid placing it near heat sources such as radiators.

Avoid contact with chemicals.

Do not use any chemical cleaners on your red garnet. These include ammonia, bleach, alcohol, acetone, and others. These chemicals can cause permanent damage to your red garnet.

Avoid keeping it together with other gemstones.

Keeping your red garnet together with other gems can harm it. It’s best to keep your red garnet separate from other gemstones. It includes diamond, sapphire, emerald, and rubies.

Ultrasonic treatments

Some people recommend ultrasonic cleaning for their red garnets. However, this treatment is not recommended because it damages the stone. Instead, it would help if you gently polished your red garnet. It will help remove surface scratches and restore its shine.

Avoid sudden temperature 

Your red garnet should never be exposed to extreme temperatures. Heat can damage the stone. Always keep it away from fireplaces, hot tubs, and stoves.

Wrap your red garnet when storing

When storing your red garnet, make sure it is wrapped in cloth. The cloth helps protect the stone from scratching. Place your red garnet inside a small box. Store it in an excellent, dark location. 

How do I choose my garnet?

When choosing your garnet, you should look for a large enough stone to suit your needs. You don’t want to spend too much money on something that won’t last long. When buying a garnet, make sure that you ask yourself what kind of jewelry you plan to wear it in. For example, if you’re going to use it as an engagement ring, you’ll need a bigger stone. On the other hand, if you’re planning to put it in earrings, you might want to go for a smaller one.

You should also consider the setting you want to use when selecting your garnet. Most people prefer to use diamonds in settings. However, if you prefer gold or silver, you can use those instead. Another thing to consider is whether you want your garnet to be set in prongs or not. Pronged rings are easier to put on and take off. But, they may scratch easily. On the other hand, if you want to avoid scratches, you can opt for a band-style ring.

How do I get red garnets?

There are many places where you can find red garnets. You can go to your local jewelers or even order them online. However, the prices for garnets vary depending on their size, shape, and cut. For example, small red garnets are cheaper than large ones. Also, if they are not cut properly, they may lose their brilliance and become dull. Therefore, buying them at a jewelry store is always recommended.

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