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What’s the Right Price Of Amethyst Stone and Where to Buy?

If you are thinking about buying an amethyst stone, you must do your research first to know the price of Amethyst. Because there is a gold mine of information online, you can make an informed decision. As you research, you will have an opportunity to see the wide variances in quality, size, value, price of Amethyst, and much more. 

So, let’s get started by reviewing the information provided below. 


What is Amethyst?

amethyst stones

 First off, by definition, amethysts are traditionally produced in the color purple. Though under different conditions, you may also have an opportunity to see this quartz produced in bi-colored crystals. The name ametrine knows these types of crystals. 

Amethysts are abundant on the earth, so it is not expensive mineral to buy. For instance, according to information published on, this mineral makes up about 12% of the earth’s crust. So, the price of the amethyst stone that you see may be relatively cheap instead of costly for people to buy. 

It is a jewel that has been long coveted by people in leadership all over the globe. It is colorful quartz representing royalty, from princes and kings to religious leaders in high-level positions. Many of today’s designers may even celebrate the Amethyst for several reasons, exceptionally its regal looks and significance. 

 The Identifying Characteristics Of Amethyst

The Amethyst has many distinct characteristics that you need to be aware of. One of the most important is possessing similar characteristics to other gemstones like sapphire, spinels, and the rhodolite garnet. 

To identify the differences, people need to look closely at these stones, particularly if they do not want to confuse the cheaper stone (Amethyst) with higher quality, more expensive rare mineral stones. For instance, rare gemstones can be easily identified when you know the differences between the physical, optical, and gravity values. 

The value of the Amethyst can also differ based on the methods in which they are produced. For instance, when you buy an amethyst stone, you must pay close attention to its overall value. Some of these stones are synthetically produced through a lab by exposing smoky quartz to gamma rays in high volumes. In essence, you need to understand the differences between the natural stone amethyst and the synthetically made by man. 

amethyst gemstone
High quality Amethyst gemstone for a jewelry designs.

Rich History — Affects Its Popularity and Price

When you do your research, you will have an opportunity to see how rich the history of the Amethyst is. Centuries ago, this stone was very costly to purchase. Therefore, they were not owned by the average citizen. Instead, this gemstone could only be seen worn by the upper class. For instance, these were precious stones worn by Catholic Bishops and high priests to represent their offices. 

In the Past

As far back as biblical times, a large gemstone was part of the high priest’s garment. Therefore, this was not an inexpensive piece of jewelry that anyone could buy or afford. On the other hand, this purple stone became quite popular in demand when times changed. This demand and supply caused the price of these stones much more affordable. The same is true for the price of Amethyst today. It is primarily due to all of the countries that source the Amethyst stones places like India, Mexico, Uruguay, Brazil, Russia, Australis, Zambia, Nigeria, Arizona, and North Carolina in the U.S.

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 In the past, the Amethyst stone was linked to Ancient Greek and Chinese beliefs. Both cultures had the things that they ascribed to. For instance, the Ancient Greeks believed this gem would prevent people who consumed too much wine from getting drunk. Later on, they also believed that the amnesty could be used as protection against disease. Likewise, Chinese Feng Shui (a Chinese custom) believed that this gemstone was a signal of the power to attract money. 

With all these unique and beneficial connotations, the popularity of Amethyst was a highly coveted and sought-after stone in these areas across the globe. 

 Present Times

Amethyst is still seen as a particular stone and is famous for several reasons. Here are just a few reasons why the demand for Amethyst is top-rated in the United States and abroad. 

  • Birthstone for anyone who was born in February
  • The low price of Amethyst compared to other highly coveted gemstones.
  • Increase in demand because of its popularity
  • Rich purple quartz that dresses up the looks of many different outfits

Factors that Affect Its Value

  Similar to the value of all other stones, the price of Amethyst varies based on various factors. That being said, here are some key factors that can help determine its overall value today. 

  • The color of the Amethyst 
  • The primary color of Amethyst is purple; some tend to be darker or lighter than others. Therefore, you need to know how these gemstones are valued in price before you make your purchase.
  • Typically, darker Amethyst is commonly valuable than those that are lighter. 
  • In color. There is, however, an exception to this rule that you need to pay close attention to. For instance, if the stone’s color is so dark that it appears black in low lighting, these gemstones are often less expensive to buy. 
  • The exact price of purple quartz may be challenging and not as easy to come by. Therefore, you should be prepared to pay at least 3 to 5 times as much for the darker stones (i.e., Siberian stone), particularly when comparing the darker stones to lighter stones like the Rose de France specimen. 
amethyst crystal pyramid

 Its Clarity

 In addition to the color of the Amethyst, you need to pay close attention to the clarity of these stones. For instance, based on the recommendations of most jewelers, clarity usually refers to ‘eye clean. In essence, with the naked eye and no additional aide, you will not see any significant flaws in the stone’s make-up. 

 On the flip side, if you are looking for a less quality stone that may not cost as much out of pocket, you may want to consider the translucent Amethyst instead. These stones can be formed into polished shapes and used as a setting in inexpensive jewelry pieces. The choice is up to the individual and how much they expect to pay. 

Cut of the Stone

As with any other gemstone, you should always consider the cut of the amethyst stone when making your selection. The cut of these stones can make a huge difference in your price. It is especially the case if you select a ring or other types of jewelry with this stone. For example, the shape of the stone has little impact overall on its value. However, when you buy an amethyst, the round cut of this stone can lead to brilliance in its overall looks. The round cut is also more sought after and popular than other cuts. It means you can expect Amethyst’s price to be much higher. Other popular cuts may be less expensive. Yet, there are fancy cuts that require special skills. These cuts can usually be found in showcases, so that you can expect a higher price tag. 


It does matter what type of gemstone you purchase; you will likely pay more to purchase a larger stone. Yet, when it comes to paying for a larger amethysts stone versus several smaller stones, there is often little to no difference in stated value. 

 How much is the price of Amethyst?

Color and Clarity = Grade

 Grade AA = lighter in color with few visible inclusions 

 Grade AAA = eye clean and rich in color

 Grade AAAA – scarce, eye clean, even color, rich, excellent all around.

Each of these grades is used to determine the price of Amethyst. Therefore, you can use the above criterion to determine if you are paying the best price for the quality of your stone. Or, if you will be paying more for the grade, it is worth it in value. Either way, the distinctions in grade can help you find the best prices. 

Look out for Fakes 

Before making your final selection, look for the possibility of buying a fake amethyst stone. One of the best ways to avoid these issues is preparation and the knowledge to make these distinctions. For instance, you can recognize a fake amethyst by the lack of impurities in the stone. The fakes are also easy to scratch up with little effort. Additionally, if the price of Amethyst is too low for the value of the gemstone, most likely it is a fake Amethyst and not actual. 


amethyst necklace

 Where can You Buy Amethyst?

You can buy Amethyst online on sites like This site will not only allow you to buy your favorite gemstone but also a cost that can save you money. 

 For instance, if you are looking for a ring or other jewelry with an amethyst stone, you can check out this site to see what is available. Or, you may want to check out sites like eBay and Because these sites have a wide range of products, including amethyst stones and jewelry, you can find virtually anything you want. The cost of this type of jewelry will be based on the following:

  • The average cost for most amethyst stones ranges from about $2 to $30 per carat. These prices are based on its natural raw form and whether the gem has already been polished.
  • The price of amethyst jewelry can also vary greatly. For instance, if you want to buy someone a necklace, you can pay from $6 to 50 dollars. These prices can vary based on several factors, including the jewelry’s size, color, shape, clarity, and weight. 

It would help if you also were prepared to pay extra for your chosen settings. For instance, the more complex the setting you are looking for, the more expensive your jewelry will be. In essence, if the setting is made of gold versus silver or platinum, you may be paying an extra hundred dollars more for the price of amethyst jewelry that you purchase. 

amethyst stone
Amethyst in gem tweezers on black.


 As you can see, Amethyst has a rich history. In the past, kings and priests wore these purple stones to signify their prominence in society. Therefore, even though this quartz makes up 12% of the earth, it is still very costly for the average person to buy. As time passed, the Amethyst rose very high in popularity. And people all over the globe were looking for these stones for themselves and other people they knew and loved. At the same time, the cost of the Amethyst began to drop significantly and was much more affordable for the average person to buy. 

However, choosing the best quality stones is not always as easy as some may think. And this is why the information in this article may come in handy. From discussing how to inspect an amethyst stone for its dark, luxurious purple color to selecting a stone that is round or diamond-shaped, this information can be used to determine the price of Amethyst based on its high-quality value. You will also learn how to recognize the different grades of stones. 

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