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What Should You Wear According to Star Sign Jewellery?

Jewellery is much more than a fashion statement. It’s a way of showing who you are and being in harmony with your inner self, so it comes as no surprise that star sign jewellery is one of this year’s biggest trends. Whether you’re a hot-headed Scorpio or a meticulous Virgo, star sign jewellery can be a subtle yet emotionally relevant addition to your collection of accessories because it can help you express your identity. From constellation necklaces to dainty studs with your zodiac sign, here are a few items that you can treat yourself with: 



Aries are cheerful, independent, positive, and motivated leaders, entirely fitting for the zodiac’s first sign if you ask us! To show off this side of your personality, go for bold star sign jewellery featuring spikes and angular shapes. For precious gems, choose fiery shades of red and orange, which express energy and enthusiasm. Aries natives love being outspoken and courageous, so if you’re buying a gift for them, you might want to look more into the statement jewellery. 

Best gemstones for Aries: ruby, fire agate, red jasper, citrine and diamonds.  



Taurus is an Earth sign, so for them, gems in brown and yellow hues work the best. As one of the most practical signs of the zodiac, the Taurus stands out through practicality, so that’s definitely something you should look for in jewellery. They’re also ruled by the planet Venus, so they love surrounding themselves with luxury and comfort, which explains why they’ll never say no to high-end jewellery. 

taurus gold pendant

Best gemstones for Taurus: yellow sapphire, amber. 



The young and outgoing Gemini love is having fun and making new connections, but they’re all about practicality when it comes to jewellery. Although a Gemini native won’t say no to a statement, a unique occasion necklace every once in a while is a versatile, day-to-day piece that they love most. Charm bracelets are a great idea, and so are minimal pendants and stud earrings. 

gemini pendant in gold

Best gemstones for Gemini: agate, moonstone, pearl, white sapphire. 



Cancer natives are perhaps the most sentimental and emotional people in the zodiac. If you’re a Cancer, we’re pretty sure every jewellery item in your jewellery collection has a story behind it. Although Cancer natives cherish both statements and subtle pieces, if you’re buying them jewellery as a gift, make sure it’s high-quality. After all, they’ll want to keep it in their collection for years to come! 

cancer pandant

Best gemstones for Cancer: emerald, moonstone, pearl, ruby 



If there’s one zodiac sign born to wear dramatic statement jewellery, that will be Leo. Confident and outspoken, Leos feel perfectly comfortable wearing large, luxurious, opulent pieces that highlight their exuberant personality, and they appreciate gold much more than silver. They also love layering jewellery, so you can also consider stacking rings and bracelet sets. 

leo pendant in diamonds

Best gemstones for Leo: amber, diamond, onyx, carnelian. 



People born under the Virgo sign are meticulous, organized, and practical. And don’t love statement jewellery and prefer more subtle, delicate pieces instead. But they don’t have to be boring, though! As detail-loving natives, Virgos appreciate finely crafted, intricate pieces: think minimal jewellery but with a modern twist. 

virgo pendant in gold

Best gemstones for Virgo: blue sapphire, carnelian, jade. 


Libra zodiac sign, horoscope symbol,

Libra natives love to be liked and pay great attention to how they look. You know what that means: they’re the ones most likely to follow jewellery trends and have vast jewellery collections. Libras are also balanced and adaptable, which means they can easily experiment with all sorts of jewellery styles, be them statement or subtle. 

libra pendant in gold

Best gemstones for Libra: opal, lapis lazuli, peridot. 



Gifting jewellery to a Scorpio can be a bit tricky because, on the one hand, they come across as confident and assertive, but, on the other hand, they tend to keep their true feelings to themselves. You should wear silver star sign jewellery and invest in bold gemstones that emphasize your intense personality from a zodiac perspective. 

scorpio pendant in gold

Best gemstones for Scorpio: opal, topaz, tourmaline, coral


Sagittarius zodiac sign, horoscope symbol.

Lively, adventurous, and vibrant, Sagittarius natives love traveling the world and getting jewellery souvenirs wherever they go. They have a special relationship with the color blue, so any item that features a blue gem will win over their hearts. Another unusual trait of Sagittarius natives is that they love nature and animals, so jewellery with animal elements can surprise them. 

sagittarius pendant in gold

Best gemstones for Sagittarius: topaz, sapphire, turquoise. 



As one of the most pragmatic signs in the zodiac, Capricorns see jewellery as more than simple fashion statements. For them, jewellery is a long-term investment, so high-quality, timeless pieces will always hold more value than trendy ones. Capricorns are Earth signs, so any star sign jewellery that features yellow and brown tones will appeal to their personality. 

capricorn pendant in gold

Best gemstones for Capricorn: garnet, onyx, topaz. 



Aquarius is one of the most creative signs of the zodiac, and you can see that in the way they wear jewellery. Frequently, an Aquarius will rather not wear any jewellery at all than wear something generic, so look for designs that are one-of-a-kind. Keep in mind that the Aquarius is also a humanitarian sign, so if you also happen to find ethical star sign jewellery, even better! 

aquarius pendant in gold

Best gemstones for Aquarius: amethyst, opal, moss agate 


pisces pendant in gold

Considering that Pisces are often moody and unpredictable, you never know what jewellery they could wear next: it can be the latest trend in necklaces or a subtle pair of stud earrings. That can make buying jewellery for them kind of tricky, but here’s an idea you can’t go wrong with timeless designs. Pisces are also natural-born dreamers, so any charming, ethereal design is always a win in their book. 

pisces pendant in gold

Best gemstones for Pisces: sapphire, amethyst, aquamarine. 

Were you born at the cusp of two zodiac signs? You can be even more creative then! Play around with star sign jewellery combinations and layer them to express your unique individuality! 

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