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The Ultimate Guide to White Opal Gemstone

The white Opal is a stone of magic and light. As the energy of life reaches full force, white Opal captures that light and radiates it back into the world. It is unique in that it does not reflect its environment as most stones do. It reflects you. White Opal is a stone of insight and wisdom – for those who seek out their truth, who are willing to look deep within their hearts, and for anyone looking to escape the darkness of ignorance. 

It is a stone of discovery, both in self-discovery and through adventures – because opals are inviting stones that open your mind to new experiences.

White Opal encourages you to see beyond surface appearances, illuminating the inner messages of the soul and making visible what is often overlooked.

To work with white Opal, hold it in your hands and feel its energy washing over you like soft waves of light that dissolve any shadows of ignorance or worry. Then, when you are ready to face yourself, ask a question and open up to the insight Opal has for you.

When you’re done, thank Opal for its guidance and return the stone to your altar whenever you need it again.

Properties of White Opal?

White Opal is composed of silicon dioxide (quartz) and water. Impurities of minerals cause the colors in the opals, usually metal oxides like iron or copper. The stone’s body color depends on the amount of light diffracted by these impurities.

White Opal generally has a less vivid color than black Opal. It also shows a more distinct play-of-color than black Opal, but it is less bright and colorful than colored or crystal Opal. The body color of white opals may be milky white to very light gray, while the play-of-color is usually blue or bluish-green. Soft gray stones are often called milk opal. The more intense the body color is, the more valuable the stone is.

White Opal is often associated with deposits of common Opal. It shows the same types of patterns as white and gray skin. Fire opal is transparent or translucent, with a vivid yellow to orange color. In this case, there is no play-of-color in the stone, but some sources suggest it may display color flashes when turned at certain angles in the light. Treated white Opal is used to imitate milk opal, common Opal, and fire opal.

A rare form of precious Opal is boulder opal, which occurs in areas where outcrops or boulders of ironstone have weathered away.

white opal gemstone
White opal stone is a rare gemstone that looks similar to other opals, but it is white.

– Properties of White Opals are generally milky white to very light gray; the more intense the body color is, the more valuable it is

– White Opal generally has a less vivid color than black Opal.

– Fire Opal is transparent or translucent with a vivid yellow to orange color; there is no play-of-color in this stone, but some sources suggest it may display color flashes when turned at certain angles in the light. Treated white Opal is used to imitate milk opal, common Opal, and fire opal.

– A rare form of precious Opal is boulder opal, which occurs in areas where outcrops or boulders of ironstone have weathered away.

Metaphysical Healing Properties of White Opal.

White Opal is the most abundant of the opals and has a soft milky white or gray color. It promotes creativity, femininity, love for oneself and one’s body. It carries with it characteristics of higher vibration, including psychic ability, spiritual outreach, dreamwork, and channeling. White Opal heals by soothing feelings of isolation, loneliness, anger, guilt, and resentment. It is also used for calming nervous system disorders such as epilepsy, tremors, and twitches.

White Opal dispels negative energy of fear, anxiety, depression, anger, etc. It helps cleanse the aura of scattered energies that can prevent one from seeing clearly what situations need to be dealt with. It can bring lost energy back into balance and help one trust inner wisdom. White Opal is used for mental clarity, creativity, and inspiration. It aids in the release of self-imposed limitations, especially those stemming from fear which blocks one’s life path and happiness.

White Opal enhances one’s attunement to all life energy. It aids in centering, improving vitality, and stabilizing one’s self-esteem. It helps overcome addictions of all kinds by stimulating higher vibrations that can replace the need for a lower vibration such as drugs or alcohol with a healthy desire for a drug-free/alcohol-free lifestyle.

White Opal brings clarity of thought, allowing one to see through lies and illusions and cutting through the dense energy that often obscures our visions. It is an excellent stone for seeing behind facades to find what lies beneath. For example, meeting someone new can help one discern whether this person is being open and honest with you. White Opal brings angelic and fairy energies to the wearer and can be used as a communication stone with those beings.

White Opal helps overcome the fear of doctors and hospitals, and it also has been used in spiritual healing to assist one in recognizing one’s self-healing abilities. It is also said to help treat disorders of the throat and thyroid.

White Opal has enhanced creativity and artistic talent, mainly when applied to the brow chakra (third eye). It can be placed on this area for 10 minutes before one attempts any creative endeavor to concentrate.

White Opal is used in crystal healing to help with disorders of the eyes, such as glaucoma and myopia.

White Opal in jewelry uses.

Many people love the idea of wearing jewelry with pieces of Opal in them. However, this is not as well known: white Opal can be found and used for this purpose.

White Opal is a variety of Opal that does not display much fire; however, it displays a lot of brightness and intensity. The colors often appear washed out, and it can be challenging to discern between the different colors. The stone itself has a distinct appearance that is unlike any other.

A white opal ring will appear as though it is made up of many different shades of whiteness, but only in the lighting where you are wearing it. When you look at this alone, it is hard to tell apart the colors, but in mixed lighting, it will appear as though it is made up of all different colors. 

The color may change depending on how much light you want to reflect into your eyes, making it fascinating because few stones give off such variations.

White Opal’s size can vary from small to large, but most stones are about the size of a quarter. It makes it highly versatile in design and appearance. What is more, white Opal’s translucency lends itself well to many styles because there is a chance that the stone will let light through even when you cannot see it on its own very quickly at all.

white opal ring in siver
This beautiful gemstone is the only type of opal that does not change colors, making it perfect for those who like their jewelry to stay the same color.

White Opal is often less expensive, as it does not have as much value for its size and weight as black Opal might. It also lacks the level of fire that other stones will often have, making it a bit easier to find wholesale prices for this variety.

When you want a stone that reflects light, gives off transparency you cannot even see, and is less expensive, white Opal is a perfect choice. This stone not only reflects light but can also shift colors to allow yourself to match it with any outfit that might be worn on occasion.

Because of this variety’s translucency often has one dominant color that is so intense that it pierces through the stone. It means that only one color will appear on top of this white-colored stone, and that can make it an excellent choice for those who want to feel like they are wearing a rainbow without too much fire or color change.

When shopping for opal jewelry, you might find yourself considering whether you would like to buy white Opal or whether you want the other higher-priced varieties. The price for this stone is often lower because it has less value for its metaphysical uses; however, if you are not looking for much in the way of magical properties, It could be considered an excellent choice due to how brilliant and beautiful it is. 

Its translucency provides an excellent opportunity to display your style and provides a way for onlookers to see the light that makes its way through the stone. It can be a statement piece all on its own, or it can be something you wear with others to make them stand out.

Whichever variety of Opal you want to wear, the stones all have metaphysical properties that make them desirable. White Opal is no exception, and it can even be cheaper than other varieties because it has less value when considering its metaphysical properties.

If you would like a stone that reflects light with distinct color variations, feel free to shop for white Opal or any other variety that takes your fancy. Each stone has unique properties, and you are sure to find one that speaks to you.

How to identify White Opal?

Numerous people do not know how to identify white Opal. This stone has an almost similar appearance to the legendary moonstone. They’re both white and yellow, but white Opal is much lower quality than moonstone.

Before discussing how to identify white Opal that’s high quality and worth buying, let’s talk about how to identify white Opal in general. White opals tend to be significantly rarer than black, brown, yellow, and honey. They’re made of the same stone as crystal opal, which is only occasionally formed in white. Most black, brown, honey and yellow opals do not have strong color patterns like white ones made of solid color.

Most opals are formed by water seeping through rocks, but white Opal is formed in gas cavities found within basalt or granite rock formations. Its patterns can range from milky white to snow white with different colors, including gray, blue, green, and yellow.

While moonstone’s patterns are shimmery, white Opal’s patterns are more solid. White Opal is also more delicate than moonstone. It has lower water content and contains no elements of aluminum or fluorine like moonstones do.

To identify white opals that contain high-quality colors, look for stones with light-reflective color patterns that are not too white. Also, most high-quality white opals form in thin layers, as moonstone does. These stones will usually have an iridescent appearance because of this fact.

How to cleanse White Opal?

After you buy them, the stones require some care because they can be delicate and react to their chemicals.

-Clean your hands with mild antibacterial soap before touching your Opal.

-Unwrap it from its pillow of protection, and if you have any outer packaging, remove it carefully so as not to disturb or damage the Opal.

-Give it a quick rinse under cold tap water. There is no need to scrub it hard with a toothbrush or other cleaning device, just enough to get off any product.

-Place the Opal in an envelope of pure cotton and leave it overnight on top of your television set so that it absorbs the cleaner and cleaner broadcast signals while you sleep.

-Take it out, give it another quick rinse under cold tap water, and pat dry. You may use this process every day for small stones or once a week for large ones.

-For cleaning jewelry, you can either wipe it down with cotton wool that has been soaked in the same way as the Opal or take it to your jeweler, who will clean it carefully and restore the stone’s original luster.

white opal ring in silver
White opal stones are believed to bring good luck and peace to those wearing it.

White Opal is a stone quickly cleaned at home with cold tap water and cotton wool. They should not take too long to dry, and you may then keep them in an envelope or wrapped. It is best to let jewelry cleaners clean them up for large opals.

You can complete this process daily or weekly, depending on the size of your Opal. You may do it every day for smaller ones to keep them safe from harm.


White Opal Stones bring inspiration and creativity. These stones help you eliminate fears and negative emotions, stress, sadness, grief, insecurities, and self-doubt. White Opal Stone is also helpful for meditation. Call upon the stone’s energy when you need inspiration or reinterpreting your philosophy of life. For that reason, everyone can benefit from having this stone. 

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