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Top 20 Red Stones: A Miracle of the Senses

Have you ever walked into a modern jewelry store or furniture store and been overwhelmed by what seems like an entire forest of red stones? If so, you’re not alone. Red is one of the most popular colors for fashion accessories, interior décor, and even food (pomegranate juice, anyone?). These colors are known to have mood-enhancing qualities.

Red stones are some of the world’s most beautiful and popular gemstones. They come in various colors, from the deep red of rubies to the bright red of garnets. Red stones are believed to have special powers, including the power to bring good luck, love, and success. Red stones are found in many parts of the world, including Africa, Asia, Australia, and North America. The most famous red stones include rubies, garnets, and tourmalines.

But why red? Many cultures widely use red because it is believed to be one of the most emotionally rich colors. Even though red only appears in a small percentage of all the world’s flowers (less than 10 percent), it is responsible for inspiring people in more ways than any other color.

top 20 red stones

The History Of Red Stones

According to the legend, people in the Middle East discovered rubies around 6,000 years ago. Since then, it has been treasured as the most precious gemstone. The Chinese believed rubies could cure heart ailments, while the Macedonians wanted them to bring courage and intelligence. The Greeks and Romans expected that otherworldly spirits could be contacted through a ruby ring. Additionally, they believed that the color red was related to love and passion.

Today, more than red stones are so popular throughout the world. Supermarket shelves and showrooms are loaded with red accessories, from tea kettles to handbags, from shoes to tableware.

Red is adaptable and complements other colors well, so the red color works in practically all rooms of your home or office. It can be used for flooring, walls, countertops, and furnishings for your home or office.

Red Is Used For Promoting Power And Authority. 

Red can help you become more confident and assertive, thus helping you face life’s challenges. Additionally, red can boost your confidence and help you feel emotionally balanced. Red is perfect for enhancing your performance at work or school because it signals that you are passionate about what you do and motivated to succeed. Red is also suitable for enhancing your focus during long work or study hours, as it can improve concentration and focus.

What To Look For When Buying Red Stones

Red stones symbolize love and passion for many people, and you’ll want to match them with an equally red necklace or matching earrings. It would help if you considered several factors when looking for red gems. 


Red gems come in various colors, including red, orange, pink, yellow, green, and purple. However, pink is by far the most popular color for red stones. The color of rubies ranges from deep crimson to light rose, while the color of garnets ranges from deep purple to light rosy.


Red stones are available in both natural and synthetic gems. Both natural and synthetic rubies have characteristics similar to both genuine rubies and diamonds: 


Red stones come in various cuts, such as the oval, marquise, oval-decimal, and round. The cut of the red stones you choose will depend on the type of jewelry you want to wear. There are many different types of cuts available for red stones.


Red stones are available in a range of clarity levels, from flawless to opaque. Clarity is essential when buying red stones, as the more flaws there are in the gemstones, the less valuable they will be. Red gems with no visible flaws have a higher value than gems that contain minor flaws. And tone. Without proper grading and quality assessment, a beautiful red stone may not be suitable for jewelry use. According to gemstone grading rules, red stones must have a high clarity grade, “exceptional” color, and good tone.


Red stones are durable and resistant to heat and chemicals, making them suitable for everyday use. They are suitable for every type of jewelry.


Red stones are relatively inexpensive for most people compared to other precious gemstones. Many people consider red stones a good choice if you want to buy a precious gemstone on a limited budget. However, the price of red stones varies greatly depending on their size and quality.


When shopping for red stones, buy from a reputable dealer who can provide you with a certificate of authenticity. It will ensure that you get a quality stone that is worth your price.


Red stones are durable and highly resistant to heat, chemicals, scratches, and abrasion. However, some red stones may still require special care and storage. For example, avoid direct contact with perfume or chemical sprays when storing your red stone jewelry at home. Ideally, store all your red gems in a separate case from other jewelry so you can easily take them out without worrying about scratching other gems. Red gems need very little extra care due to their high resistance to chemicals and heat. But, avoid getting red gems wet and away from harsh chemicals.

The Top 20 Red Stones


imperial topaz ring
Ruby Center Stone Ring isolated on white

The ruby is one of the best-known and most famous red stones. It is one of the marks of royalty and is known for its exceptional hardness. The red color in ruby is derived from the presence of chromium. Ruby is a stone of love, passion, and power. It is also thought to bring good luck, success, and wealth. Ruby is a variety of corundum that gets its red color from chromium inclusions. However, this red color may be lost if the stone contains too much iron or hydrogen defects.


garnet gemstone

Garnet is a group of minerals found in many colors, including orange, yellow, green, brown, and red. The most popular color is red garnet. Garnets are known for their high hardness and durability. Many gemstones will scratch or crack when exposed to chemicals or heat; however, Red garnets have excellent thermal and chemical stability and are one of the few gems with high abrasion resistance. Garnets are also known to be affordable, making them a popular choice for everyday jewelry.

Red Spinel

spinel gemstone

The spinel is one of the most sought-after red gemstones. Many of its varieties have excellent color saturation, which makes them ideal for pairing with diamonds or other precious stones. The spinel is a four on the Mohs scale, and it can usually be confused with rubies because it often has similar characteristics. The spinel is also relatively affordable, making it a good choice for jewelry buyers on a limited budget.


green tourmaline with pink sapphires from
Tourmaline and Pink Sapphire Earrings in 18K Pink Gold from Weldorf

The tourmaline is another popular red gemstone, and it’s known for its beautiful color. It comes in many colors and varieties, including black, blue, and brown. However, the most impressive variety of tourmaline is red, which features a spectacular display of color ranging from deep crimson to bright raspberry-red with greenish-blue undertones. Tourmaline is known to bring happiness and prosperity and is also said to be a stone of love and luck. Tourmaline also has excellent fire resistance, making it a top choice as a protective gemstone.



The carnelian is yet another popular red gemstone. Its name comes from the Latin word “carmen,” meaning “heart.” The carnelian can be found in red, orange, yellow, and green shades. Because of their high hardness and durability, carnelians are usually used to craft jewelry with other precious gems. Carnelians are also known for their healing abilities and are said to restore balance within the body.



The spessartine is a variety of garnet also known as the “spessartite.” It’s mined in several locations worldwide, including India, Africa, Brazil, and other parts of Asia. The color of spessartine ranges from orange-red to an almost colorless gray. It gets its name from the Spessart region in Bavaria, Germany. 

“Many cultures widely use red because it is believed to be one of the most emotionally rich colors. Even though red only appears in a small percentage of all the world’s flowers (less than 10 percent), it is responsible for inspiring people in more ways than any other color.”



The rubellite is also known as the “ruby emerald” or “ruby-spessartine.” It comes in a beautiful deep red color, and its color can change depending on the size and quality of the stone. Rubellites are mined in Sri Lanka. Rubellites have a hardness of 7.5-8 on the Moh scale, making them one of the hardest gemstones.



Rhodochrosite is a gemstone that has a beautiful pink to red color. It is found in Argentina, Bolivia, and Peru. Rhodochrosite is a “stone of love” because of its heart-shaped crystals. Rhodochrosite is also known as the “Inca Rose Stone” because the Incas used it to make jewelry and amulets.

Red Jasper

red jasper

Red jasper is an opaque variety of jasper, and it comes in a wide range of shades, including yellow, green, brown, and red. This stone is known for its calming properties and is said to reduce stress and anxiety. It’s also known for its protective abilities, which makes it a good choice for people who feel vulnerable or are going through difficult times.



Rosaline is a type of garnet that features red-orange coloration. It’s mined in Brazil, Madagascar, and the US. Trace amounts of chromium causes the red color of this gemstone. This red color may be lost if the stone contains too much iron or hydrogen defects, but this can permanently be fixed by placing a baby moonstone or an amethyst crystal inside the stone.


Raw Cinnabar
Raw Cinnabar Crystals

Cinnabar is a type of mineral that comes in a bright scarlet-red color. It’s known for its association with alchemy and mysticism. The word cinnabar comes from the Persian words “Zinnober” and “Sunday,” which mean “dragon’s blood.” These red crystals were said to have magical powers, which made them valuable in alchemical texts. Cinnabar was also used as a paint pigment since ancient times.



Rhodochrosite is a rare variety of the mineral “rhodonite” that features a red color. Its color ranges from cinnamon to brick red to pinkish-red. The rhodochrosite is known for its healing abilities, and it’s said to bring joy, love, and harmony into people’s lives. It can also be used as a good luck charm because it’s thought to ward off evil spirits and attract positive energy in one’s life.

Red Zircon

red zircon

Red zircon can be found in many colors: red, orange, yellow, and brown. Although the stones may look similar, they are worth quite a bit more than the usual zircons. For this reason, most people prefer to keep them as jewelry or as an investment rather than wear them as rings and necklaces. Red zircons are also rarer than their regular counterparts. Although experts do not know what exactly causes the red color, it is thought to be caused by trace amounts of manganese or sulfur.

Red diamond

red diamond

The best-known red diamonds are the fancy intense red color of “dortmyer” and the intense pink color of “Piemontese.” The most unusual type of red diamond is called “white lady,” a diamond that has been colored by light exposure to certain elements (e.g., copper). Other red diamonds include “brownish” and “blueish” ones, which are also rare.



Cuprite is also known as the “emerald-red copper ore.” It’s mined in South Africa, and its color ranges from pale to dark red. Cuprite is a relatively soft stone with a hardness of 3-3.5 on the Mohs scale. Cuprite is also known for its bright vermillion color, which makes it desirable for carvings and jewelry crafts. 

The red stone can be found in pink, green, and brown shades. It’s known for its healing abilities, and it is said to ease the pain of arthritis and rheumatism.



Crocoite is a type of iron ore known for its red color. It’s found in India and Sri Lanka. The minerals crocoite and chrysoberyl are found together in a formation called “crocoite-chrysoberyl” or “cherts.” This formation is located near the Sialkot region in Pakistan. Because they have similar appearances, many refer to both minerals as “red chrysoberyl.”

Red Andesine 

Red Andesine

Andesine is a type of triclinic feldspar with shiny, red color. It’s found in Hawaii, and its color can range from nearly white to deep red. These stones are also known for their reflective properties and have been used as a gemstone and a source of feldspar since ancient times. 

Red Beryl

Red Beryl

Red beryl is a type of beryl that features a deep red color and can be found in many different forms. They come in six colors: red, purple, orange, yellow, green, and brown. Red beryl is known for its association with love and good luck. The gemstones are also thought to protect against negative energies.


cinnabar jewelry

The cinnabar is a type of red mercury ore. It’s often used to manufacture vermillion, the bright red pigment used in paints. The mineral cinnabar has many different forms, including “Alabandite,” “Cacholong,” and “Quicksilver.” These minerals are usually found in Southeast Asia, Mexico, and China. They are also often found in Peru and Chile.



Commonly known as the “stone of courage,” bloodstone is said to give its wearer strength in times of adversity. It is also thought to promote creativity and self-expression. Bloodstone is a variety of chalcedony, and its deep red color is due to iron oxide inclusions. Bloodstone is quartz formed in cavities inside large crystals of other minerals such as rhodochrosite, cornerstone, smithsonite, and quartz. The bloodstone gem is believed to ward off evil spirits and can help protect against negative energy. 

What Are The Uses Of Red Stones?


The red stones, like other gemstones, are often used to make ornaments and jewelry. These pieces of jewelry range from rings to necklaces, cufflinks, earrings, and bracelets. More recently, the red stones have been popularized as birthstone rings since they correspond with the birth months of each month. Red is a lucky color in many different cultures worldwide for its dynamic and energetic properties.


The red stones can be used for meditation purposes as well. The red stones have been known for calming and soothing effects. They also help focus one’s attention on the present moment. The energy of red is also known to attract good luck and fortune into the wearer’s life.

Healing purposes 

Red stones can also help relieve people from certain medical conditions. The red stones are said to help ease pain by providing healing energies and can help balance the chakra as well. 

Symbol of power and strength

In many different cultures around the world, red stones have been known to symbolize power, strength, and courage. In Hinduism, the stones are used to represent courage and bravery. The stones are also used in Christianity as a representation of martyrs. They symbolize the willingness to suffer for one’s beliefs, which the martyrs had done during their deaths.


The red stones have also been used in decorations. The people sometimes wear the red stones in the order of a military unit to represent their courage, honor, and bravery. 

“Red is perfect for enhancing your performance at work or school because it signals that you are passionate about what you do and motivated to succeed.”


In some cultures worldwide, jewelers use certain gemstones, such as red stones, for scrying purposes. It is believed that certain gemstones can allow one to see the future before it happens. Red stones are also used to help look into the past since they absorb energy from the environment. 

Astrological Charting

Astrologers also use red stones to represent specific characteristics of a person’s birth chart. The stones also represent the ruling planet of the person’s birth chart. 


Some cultures worldwide use red stones as sacred gems to help people connect with their spiritual sides. These religions generally use other types of stones when performing ceremonies and rituals, so red stones are mainly reserved for ritual use only in these religions. 

Red stone therapy

Red stone therapy is a method of using certain crystal formations to remove negative energy from one’s physical body and spiritual body. The finer the vibrations of the stones, the more influential the healing energies are said to be. 

Keeping bad spirits away

The red stones have also been known for keeping away evil spirits and negative energies. The red stones also stimulate one’s intuitive self and help one become more courageous, independent, and passionate when faced with difficult situations in life. 

Attracting prosperity and abundance

The red stone’s association with good fortune has made it ideal for bringing abundance into one’s life. The red stones can help one to clear the negative energy from their environment, which can help attract prosperity and abundance into one’s life.


Red stones are some of the world’s most beautiful and valuable stones. They vary in color from crimson to vibrant orange, and each stone has unique powers and properties. When shopping for red stones, look for one that is high quality and has been cut and polished to maximize its beauty. When shopping for red stones, be sure to look for ones that are high in quality and come with a certificate of authenticity.

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