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The Hot New Trend in Jewelry: 70s Jewelry

Over the years, fashion styles have come and gone. Then they have come again. What is unique about this fashion era is that you can wear the 70s or any decade’s Jewelry you want.

The 2020s may be the decade that is called the era where any fashion style goes. It is a time when people have a little more freedom to wear what they want.

Adding a little more tasteful 70s Jewelry is not out of the question. Keep reading to see what jewelry options of that era make a solid comeback this decade.

What was the 70s all about

70s jewelry
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This was a decade that was built upon the foundation of the 60s. In that earlier decade, young adults and teens were breaking out of the mold set by earlier generations and started to discover themselves.

Their desire for free expression blossomed in the 70s, which was made more evident by the different 70s jewelry styles. Individual tastes were the norm, and self-expression was the justification for wearing odd styles, including big and bold jewelry pieces.

Big and bold was the norm, including men’s 70s Jewelry. It didn’t matter the gender, as big pendants on gold chains were the rage. Big was not defined as large but in how wide one could get their bracelet pendant or rings.

During the 70s young adults and some members of the older generations wanted to be noticed for who they were, and that identity came through the Jewelry they wore.

The cultural influence on 70s Jewelry

The most significant cultural influence that motivated people to buy the Jewelry they wore 50 years ago was freedom. Because of the 60s, young adults, including teens, had more options than the boundaries placed on them by earlier generations and society in general.

This newfound freedom made fashion trendsetters look to different cultures for ideas on what Jewelry to wear. Women began to buy their Jewelry, and instead of buying classy, sophisticated, and expensive jewelry items, they went for flexibility and freedom.

The jewelry items they bought could be worn to the office or on their date that night. They no longer had to wait for a special occasion to wear a diamond ring or jeweled necklace.

This freedom also brought new influences on how one wore Jewelry. LSD, rock musicians, and color television influenced how Jewelry was designed and what colors would be used in those designs.

It was an era of freedom, and in the 21st century, some of that freedom remains. Not the cultural influences that sparked the 70s jewelry craze but the freedom that allows both men and women to wear what they want today. Even if it is throwback pieces like 70s jewelry items.

Being big, bold, and beautiful is not wrong in this age as it was in the era of the 70s.

70s Jewelry is making a comeback today

The 21st century is an era where you have the freedom to wear just about any style you want. There is a lot of 70s Jewelry that is making a grand comeback. This appearance of older jewelry items gives you plenty of options to develop or complete your modern fashion look.

70s jewelry earrings

#1. Earrings The 70s was also the birth of disco. You know, the music that came with the mirror ball reflected the light. Long dangling earrings became the norm, making the wearer look dazzling as they reflected the light.

The nice thing about these long reflective dangling earrings was that they looked good no matter where you wore them. They upgraded a person’s wardrobe and made them look outstanding.

Of course, not everyone went for this fashion trend. They turned to natural designs or those large hoop earrings that became the focal point of their wardrobe.

#2. Necklaces The 70s could have been called the confusing decade as both men and women adopted gold chains and wore them as necklaces no matter their task.

When they put those gold pendants on the end of those chains, they created a unique 70s look. Necklaces are back, as may be the chokers and strings of faux pearls worn by many women.

Chokers were ideal when you wanted to highlight your facial features and make your hairstyle stand out. The good thing was you could either layer the gold necklaces to add more beauty to your fashion look or wear a nice gold chain with your choker.

“70s jewelry was not defined as large but in how wide one could get their bracelet pendant or rings. This was a decade that was built upon the foundation of the 60s. During the 70s young adults and some members of the older generations wanted to be noticed for who they were, and that identity came through the Jewelry they wore..”

The faux pearls were in a class by themselves and added a little sophistication to your overall look.

#3. Bracelets the more comprehensive, the better. It was not a trendy bracelet style at the time, and if you could fit that 1 inch + of wide bracelets over your wrist, you were part of the ‘in’ crowd.

Gold and silver plating was also the standard at the time. There was no sense breaking the bank for pure gold or silver, but a nice 24-carat gold plating was just enough to make you look like you belonged in the elite class.

Another 70s jewelry bracelet trend was I.D. bracelets. These bracelets were also gold and silver plated. They were enough for those people who wanted to let everyone know their names.

Or they engraved the names of loved ones, soldiers, and friends. They wanted to do something special for someone else they loved or admired.

#4. Chunky rings who can forget those mood rings? They became a fashion fad in the 70s, and almost everyone had at least one mood ring. Their purpose was to predict the mood of the wearer using liquid-filled crystals.

These rings may not be scientific, but they were pretty. On top of those, women and men started to wear chunky rings. These rings were fat, large, and took up most of the finger.

They also allowed men and women to wear complete stones on their fingers. These rings were more for making a statement than for anything else. Matching them up with a gold band made sure everyone saw the statement you were making.

The chunky ring trend also caught on with engagement rings. The bands were no longer sleek and slim. Instead, they were wide and supported larger cuts or multiple diamonds simultaneously.

Big was in, and you can wear these same chunky rings today, except for the mood ring, and be in style. That is the freedom you have today.

70s jewelry materials

Gold and silver were not the only materials you could use to create your fashion statement in the 70s. And you are not limited to using those two metals today, either. There are a large number of other materials that worked in the 70s and will work again today. Here are a few to consider for your fashion style.

#1. Beads colorful, sexy, beautiful, and unique. Beads bring a different element to your fashion look, and they can be paired with just about any clothing item you want to wear.

Plus, they can be mixed and matched, so you can wear a variety of colors to give a hint of your personality.

#2. Natural materials wearing turquoise, Lapis, malachite, and other natural materials saw their origins in the 70s jewelry trends. They looked good on most people if they did not overdo it.

Their ever-changing color made them flexible to use. You could match them with different colored blouses and ensure you had a good look for any event.

These natural materials were perfect for those girls next door or for natural looks many women admired. Other natural materials used were feathers, leather, ivory, and wood.

You can create a great look by picking the perfect natural material for your skin, eye, and hair colors. But it might be a good idea to avoid puka shells at this time.

#3. Crystals These were big in the 70s, and with the right muted touch, they will work in many fashion trends today. Everything is in moderation if you want to look your best, but the 70s were not about moderation.

Crystals were big, small, and used in large quantities. They were fine, but these crystals are not meant for every occasion or fashion outfit.

#4. Yellow gold this is a metal that never goes out of style. It has been worn from the time of the pharaohs to today. Gold also never loses its luster, which is why it is always popular, no matter the century or civilization.

Plus, gold goes with everything. There is nothing in this world that does not complement the yellow gold color. It is the safest material to wear on your first date or at an event that honors you for your hard work.

How to wear 70s Jewelry

70s jewelry necklace

If you do not tell anyone, they may not notice that you are wearing 70s Jewelry. Only people from that generation may tell; they are getting older, so they may not remember.

But you can wear 70s Jewelry like it was worn back in the 70s. That may not be a good idea as this is a more muted fashion time. Here are some guidelines to help you wear those fascinating pieces you love.

  1. Do not overwhelm your overall look- wear one statement piece at a time. Either a chunky ring, hoop earrings, or a pendant necklace but not all three
  2. When in doubt, use hoops- these more oversized earrings are flexible. They can give you a nice dramatic or classy look, or they can be understated and blend in with the rest of your accessories.
  3. The layered look- necklaces, bracelets, bangles, and other jewelry items that can be layered will work in the correct settings and with the right dress. Just pick one, though, and tastefully layer those items.
  4. Use natural materials- this style brings an honest look to your attire and gives a specific breath of fresh air to your personality and beautiful looks. But again, do not overdo it. Pick the right chunky ring or studs to accent your outfit and not clash with it.
  5. Be stylish, not clownish- avoid the disco look if you are not going to a disco nightclub or theme party. Just use those vintage jewelry items with classy modern outfits that tell the world you have excellent fashion judgment.
  6. Keep it simple- especially when wearing dangling earrings.

Men loved 70s Jewelry as well.

It is one of those fashion trends you wish would not come back—hairy-chested men with shirts open to their naval sporting gold chains and large gold pendants.

It was a look that should have been left in the past, but other men’s fashion jewelry from the 70s was okay. Leather cords and beads were okay, but the best part of the 70s jewelry trend was that men started to pair their wedding rings with women’s.

It made a remarkable statement, a trend that should come back today.

Where to buy 70s Jewelry

The good news is that you can buy these jewelry items just about anywhere Jewelry is sold today. The best place to look, though, would be online. You may not be ready to tell the world that you are looking into the past to create your modern look.

Shopping online keeps your purchases private until you are brave enough to reveal your look to the world. Or go to any retail outlet in your city that deals in fashion items.

These designs may have been worn in the 70s, but they are not out of date or old-fashioned just yet. Vintage and antique stores are an excellent place to start building your 70s jewelry collection.

Some final words

The 21st century has more fashion freedom than probably any other century. If you find the right pieces, you can wear 70s jewelry pieces and dazzle the world with your good jewelry judgment.

Or wear them to please yourself and your mate. These items are not out of style anymore and are making a remarkable comeback.

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