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The Definitive Guide to Aura Healing – The Spiritual Practice of Releasing Anxiety and Stress.

The current state of your aura can affect your life in many ways. When it’s in a healthy state, everything will work in your favor, and you will feel better about yourself and others. However, when it’s unhealthy, your aura turns dark or dim. That’s when anxiety, fatigue, and stress kick in. Your aura, even though it’s invisible, it requires proper care and regular maintenance. 

Auras can be weakened by interacting with people who radiate negative energy. This is referred to as picking up on psychic debris. Also, leading a negative lifestyle can impact the state of your aura. You should consider aura healing if you have been overwhelmed by stress and anxiety over the past few weeks. 

What is Aura Healing? 

Aura healing entails techniques that cleanse your auric field. Through aura healing, you will eliminate all negative energy being projected by your body. It would help if you made a habit of healing your aura frequently. Doing so ensures that you never have to experience signs of an unhealthy aura such as anxiety, stress, and never-ending fatigue. Aura healing is a vital form of self-care because the modern world is quite messy. There are plenty of different energies flying around. And no matter how cautious you are, your aura can easily weaken.

How Do I Heal My Aura? 

The good news is that there are many ways you can heal a weak or unhealthy aura. The techniques we will share with you are very effective at relieving stress, anxiety, or whichever symptom you are experiencing because of a dark aura. It doesn’t matter where the negative energy came from. Through aura healing, you can cleanse negative energy and radiate positivity. 

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1. Free-form Writing 

This technique is one of the best aura healing practices. Not only does it eliminate anxious thoughts, but it also heals damaged auras. Free-form writing is pretty easy. You only need a pen, paper and a timer. You should perform this practice in a private area with minimal disturbance. Don’t engage in free-form writing in your journal. The goal is to get rid of negative energy, not store it. 

Start writing whatever is on your mind and set the timer to ten minutes. The thing about free-form writing is that it transfers all thoughts stressing you from the mind and onto a piece of paper. When the timer goes off, and you can still feel the energy surrounding you, continue writing till you are tired. When you are done, shred or burn the paper and don’t read the content. Your mind will feel much clearer, your body will be calmer, and your aura will be healed. 

2. Smudging 

Contrary to what most people think, smudging isn’t only effective at cleansing places. It can also be used in aura healing. If you feel extremely anxious and have lots of negative thoughts, you can light up a sage and eliminate any negative energies surrounding your aura. For smudging to be effective, ensure you waft the smoke all over your body, including the back. You can put more emphasis by circling the sage around your head. 

3. An Aura Healing Bath 

An aura healing bath is a spiritual practice that uses herbs, essential oils, and salts to eliminate negative energy from your surroundings. After taking an aura healing bath, you will feel more refreshed because your energy field will have been cleansed. 

You will need the following ingredients; lavender or eucalyptus essential oil, a cup of Himalayan Sea salt, and some sage for cleansing. Mix these ingredients and dip your body into the tub for around ten minutes. When taking this bath, visualize the ingredients healing your aura by pushing negativity from your energy field. As the water touches your body, think about your aura shining brighter. 

Aura healing entails techniques that cleanse your auric field. Through aura healing, you will eliminate all negative energy being projected by your body.

4. Take a Walk in the Rain 

Have you ever wondered why kids are always happy and stress-free? It’s because they never miss the opportunity of playing in the Rain. The Rain is just like an aura healing bath. It can wash away all the toxicity in your aura. Next time it starts to rain, head out with your clothes on and visualize the Raindrops cleansing your energy field. This practice is ideal when it’s gently raining. 

5. Strengthen Your Aura with Mantras 

Chanting mantras is one of the oldest aura healing techniques. Take some time to sit in a quiet room and visualize a bubble surrounding your body. Chant your favorite positive mantras with your eyes closed. Repeat several times so that the message vibrates throughout your aura. Mantras are very effective at strengthening your aura and ensuring it’s not weakened by psychic debris. 

6. Carry a Healing Crystal 

Healing crystals can offer immense support when you are feeling stressed or anxious. Powerful stones such as the Blue Lace Agate and the Amethyst ground your feelings and improve your mood. Crystals can also act as weapons that shield you from absorbing negative energy. With a crystal on your bracelet or bag, you will always feel calm and radiate positive energy. 

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7. Take a Swim in a Natural Water Source 

Nature has always been known to neutralize negativity. Therefore, whenever anxious thoughts creep into your mind, take a day off and go for a swim at a nearby beach or lake. Immerse your body into the water and emerge with a glowing aura that only radiates positivity. Natural water sources will clean both your mind and soul. 

8. Tap into the Sun’s Radiance 

The sun is an excellent cleanser of damaged auras. If your aura has turned dark or dim, it can be ignited by some Vitamin D. Making a habit of basking in the sun ensures your aura remains toxin-free. 

9. Practice Breathing Exercises 

Aura healing aside, breathing exercises have been medically approved as treatment options for stress and anxiety. Sit down and calm your mind to get the most out of this technique. Take a clean deep breath. Imagine the clean air filling your aura. As you exhale, visualize the negative emotions coming out. Stop the breathing exercise when you feel calmer and lighter. 

Final Thoughts 

Aura healing is very effective at relieving stress triggers and anxious thoughts. It aligns your body with the energetic field surrounding it. Practicing the above techniques frequently will make your aura healthy and free from negative vibes. 

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