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The Complete Guide to Tanzanite Gemstone- Everything You Need To Know

Tanzanite gemstone is the birthstone for December. It is a beautiful blue stone that is found in Tanzania. Tanzanite is rare and valuable in jewelry. Tanzanite is a member of the zoisite family of minerals. It is a type of silicate mineral. Tanzanite typically occurs as a small crystal, but it can also form in large crystals.

Tanzanite is a popular gemstone because of its beautiful blue color. The color of Tanzanite can vary from light blue to deep blue, depending on the amount of iron in the stone. Tanzanite is also sometimes found with a purple hue. Tanzanite is often used in jewelry, with the most popular pieces being pendants and necklaces. Tanzanite can also be found in rings, bracelets, earrings, pins, watches with tanzanite faces, bolo ties with tanzanite inserts, and other jewelry items.

Tanzanite is a relatively new gemstone on the market. It was first discovered in 1967, and it was not until the early 1990s that it became popular. The Tanzanite Foundation was established in 1993 to help promote and protect Tanzanite.

Tanzanite gemstone is a relatively hard stone, with a hardness of 6.5 on the Mohs scale. It is also quite durable, meaning it is resistant to scratching and chipping. Tanzanite is not as hard as diamond, but it is more complex than most gemstones.

Tanzanite Gemstone Origin

Tanzanite gemstone is mainly found in Tanzania, where it was first discovered. It can also be found in other countries in Africa, including Kenya, Madagascar, and Mozambique. Small amounts of Tanzanite gemstone have also been found in the United States, Australia, Brazil, Russia, and India. 

Tanzanite is typically mined from open pits. It can be found in kimberlite-hosted pipes as well. Due to its rarity and value, Tanzanite is often imitated. Common imitations include zultanite, crystal zircon, and tanco sapphire. Tanzanite should be protected from heat and light to maintain its color. It should also be cleaned using warm soapy water. 

Tanzanite gemstone is a beautiful blue stone that is found all around the world. It has a unique place among other birthstones, and it is often used in jewelry. If you are looking for a unique and valuable gemstone, Tanzanite is a great option so keep reading!

raw tanzanite stones

What Tanzanite Gemstone Symbolizes To The User

It has different meanings and beliefs such as;

– It symbolizes love, faith, truth, and friendship

– It is believed to be a stone of peace. 

– People believe that it brings luck to the user. 

The ancient native claimed that when you wear or carry Tanzanite with you, it has specific protective energy that will keep the wearer away from accidents, enemies, and all sorts of dangers.

– Tanzanite gemstone is also said to be helpful for communication and public speaking. It also clears the throat chakra

– It is also claimed that it can help the wearer to connect with their spiritual side. 

– Lastly, it is said to bring about financial abundance to the user.

Varieties Of Tanzanite Gemstone

– There are three primary varieties of Tanzanite. These are as follows:

i) Royal Blue depicts a deep blue color and is the most popular among the three varieties.

ii) Intellectual Blue – This type has a bluish-green hue, the second most popular variety.

iii) Lavender Blue – It has a lavender blue hue, and it is the rarest of all three varieties.

iv) Classic Blue is a combination of Royal and Intellectual Blue.

iii) Violet/Purple – This type of Tanzanite has a purplish color hue.

– However, the term “Tanzanite” has been used to refer to all these three varieties as well as a grayish brown or green gemstone.

– In the beginning, only the Royal Blue variety was considered a genuine Tanzanite, and now even Classic Blue is also accepted as “Tanzanite.”

– The Natural Brown Tanzanite is not a Tanzanite. This gemstone should instead be referred to as Brown Zoisite. Natural Brown Tanzanite is not that popular and is less expensive than the other two varieties.

– The Classic Blue variety of Tanzanite was discovered in 1968 by Merelani Mines Ltd at Same District, Arusha Region, Tanzania.

– During the year 1994, the price of Tanzanite increased to such high levels that more people became aware of this beautiful gemstone, and it became a popular choice for everyone.

– Henceforth, more and more companies started getting into the mining business, and soon the stones that were being mined from Tanzania were being exported in large quantities.

– After some time, Madagascar too started producing Tanzanite on a large scale. 

– There are several Tanzanite mines globally, but it is mainly mined from the Mount Kilimanjaro region, which lies within Arusha. The blue stones unearthed at Merelani and Lelatema Mountains were referred to as “Tanzanite,” whereas those from Umba Valley were called “Royal Blue Tanzanite.”

– The Royal Blue Tanzanite variety is the most expensive one and has a deep blue color. 

tanzanite gemstone ring

How Is It Different From Other Gems?

Tanzanite gemstone is often confused with other gems such as sapphire, spinel, and blue topaz. Tanzanite is different from sapphire as it has a yellow fluorescence and lacks an adamantine luster.

Tanzanite gemstone is very similar to blue spinel, but it differs in that it has a pleochroism. Tanzanite is also softer than spinel.

Tanzanite gemstone is different from blue topaz in that it has a higher refractive index and a dispersion.

– The most distinguishing factor between Tanzanite and other blue gems is its pleochroism.

– Tanzanite gemstone is a great option not only because it is beautiful but also because of its healing properties.

– It is believed that Tanzanite’s healing properties are related to the colors of the gemstone itself.

– The blue variety is said to be helpful in the healing of the throat chakra and communication issues.

– The purple variety is said to be helpful in the healing of the third-eye chakra.

The Mystical Power Of Tanzanite Birthstone

The Tanzanite gemstone is still being discovered, and as such, it possesses a mystical power that has not been fully tapped into. For this reason, it is often recommended for people who are looking for a change in their lives. 

Where to buy Tanzanite Birthstone?

Tanzanite gemstone is available at any jewelry shop, or you can also buy it from the internet. After examining them thoroughly, you need to visit reputed stores or jewelry shops to buy tanzanite birthstones. You can also buy it from reliable online stores. However, it would help if you were careful about the genuineness of the stone while buying it from an online store.

Jewelry made with Tanzanite.

– Diamond Ring – The ring made from diamonds along with a Tanzanite birthstone is a perfect combination of beauty and class. It symbolizes eternal love and is ideal for engagements and weddings.

– Pendant – You can also buy a Tanzanite pendant to flaunt your class and style. It is an excellent piece of accessories and has the power to make you look stylish all day long.

– Earrings – In addition to the ring and pendant, you can also buy Tanzanite earrings to complement your outfit. It is a great way to show your love and affection for someone.

tanzanite stone in gold ring

– Bracelet – A Tanzanite bracelet is a perfect accessory to complete your look. It is stylish and will make you look elegant and graceful.

– Tanzanite is also used in making other jewelry items like necklaces, anklets, toe rings, etc.

Tanzanite is a symbol of love and affection because it can help you express your feelings to the one you love. It is thus an ideal piece of accessory that you should possess to show your love and affection towards someone special.

What are the different colors of Tanzanite Gemstone?

– The most popular color for this gemstone is blue. However, Tanzanite comes in other colors such as purple, red and green. 

How to clean Tanzania stone Birthstone?

Tanzanite is mainly cleaned using warm soapy water. However, experts think it can be directly exposed to gentle pressure washes or ultrasonic cleaners. It will not harm the stone. 

What are the different cuts of Tanzanite Gemstone?

– The most popular cut for Tanzanite gemstone is a brilliant cut, i.e., rectangular cut with 58 facets on the crown and pavilion. This type of cut helps to bring out its superior color play, making it even more beautiful. However, other cuts like cushion cut, heart-shaped cut, and oval cut are also used for cutting this gemstone.

Apart from the brilliant cut, other popular cuts of Tanzanite are round sharp, emerald cut, radiant cut, etc. 

How much is Tanzanite Gemstone worth?

– The average price of Tanzanite varies depending upon its color, size, and quality. 

– The Royal Blue Tanzanite is the most expensive one and is worth a lot of money. 

– However, the Classic Blue variety is also quite expensive. 

– The Natural Brown Tanzanite is the cheapest variety of all and is available at a very affordable price. 

tanzanite ring
Petite Tanzanite Stone in 18K White Gold.

How to care Tanzanite Birthstone

– The most critical care tip is that Tanzanite should not be exposed to heat or ultrasonic cleaners. However, it can safely be cleaned with mild soap and water. 

– Tanzanite stones set in white gold or platinum need to be checked for any scratches once every six months. It will not only help you to keep your jewelry in good condition but will also let you have peace of mind.

Tanzanite is becoming more and more popular with time, and people are also getting into the business. Hence, there is a possibility that it may soon enter into extinction which will make its prices shoot up even higher. 

Therefore, it can be said that if you own Tanzanite stones, you should take good care of them.

What is the meaning of Tanzanite gemstone? 

– Tanzanite symbolizes beauty and uniqueness. So people who wear this gemstone are assumed to be beautiful and unique in their way. It is one reason individuals buy Tanzanite and wear it on their person.

– Apart from this, many historical facts depict the significance of Tanzanite. For instance, it is believed that Queen Victoria gifted a valuable stone to her husband after she was impressed by its beauty. It made the stone very popular in England as well. 

– Many Tanzanite jewelry designs depict the beauty of this gemstone. These are necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, pins, and brooches.

People who love fashion can get into style by choosing to wear Tanzanite jewelry. 

The main characteristics of Tanzanite birthstone

The stone has various characteristics that distinguish it from other birthstones. 

– The most notable characteristic is that it comes in different colors such as blue, purple, green, and red. 

– Tanzanite is a medium to dark-toned gemstone why brilliant-cutch makes it one of its kind. 

– It can be made into a more beautiful gemstone by wearing it in various cuts such as brilliant cut, cushion-cut, etc.

– According to professionals, Tanzanite is one of the most durable gemstones and is also resistant to scratches. 

– It is often compared to sapphire because of its similar characteristics. 

– Lastly, it is a relatively less expensive gemstone than others, such as diamonds and rubies. 

What are the benefits of Tanzanite Birthstone?

The most obvious benefit is that it can be worn in various forms, including necklaces, earrings, etc. 

– Tanzanite is one of the most beautiful gemstones that can be found in many different colors. 

– It is also a durable gemstone and does not get scratched easily. 

– Lastly, it is a less expensive gemstone when compared with other natural gemstones such as rubies and diamonds. 

– So, people looking for an affordable yet beautiful gemstone can go for Tanzanite. 


Tanzanite is a beautiful gemstone that comes in different colors. It is the birthstone of January and symbolizes beauty and uniqueness. The most popular cut for Tanzanite is the brilliant cut, but other reductions like a cushion, heart-shaped, and oval are also used.

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