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The Ultimate Guide to Pink Opal Gemstone : Meaning and Properties

Pink Opal is one of the most remarkable healing gems. It was considered by the Incas a sacred stone he regarded as the eye of God and which they left on earth to remind people of their need to live in harmony and connect. Today, the pink opal is revered in Peru as a healing and protective stone. Pink opals are found everywhere in the Andes.

It breaks down shyness and inhibitions and leaves everyone open. In addition, it solves blocks of thought and strengthens memory one by one at the moment of an examination. In conjunction with the ruby, it confers absolute loyalty. The pink and pink opal is particularly effective against depression. It also encourages affection for other people, makes them more sensitive, and helps them find true love. 

We learn more about pink opal stone in today’s article and how it can change your life. It functions as a pure viewing site for the affected body parts. The heart area of the necklace can be opal water or opal tea. The application should be discontinued if it becomes unfocused or absent.    

Where does Pink Opal come from?

Pink opal deposits have been known for more than thirty years in Australia. Still, the material extracted from these mines is unstable when collected and does not have the durability necessary to use jewelry. On the contrary, the material found in Australia is stable and is appreciated for its pink color. In Western Australia, there are occurrences of a variety of pink opals. Peru is now the largest producer of these opals.    

The shade of the Peruvian pink opal ranges from pale pink to deep pink. A milky pink uniform distinguishes it. The color palette ranges from dark pink to white. It is transparent and opaque; the stone is clean after a stone stain and black after its inclusion. On the other hand, Australian pink opals are not uniform, and the white ribbon forms an attractive wave or vortex pattern. 

raw pink opal stone
Australian pink opals are not uniform, and the white ribbon forms an attractive wave or vortex pattern.

Physical Characteristics 

Pink opals have many properties in common with other types of opals. Formed from a mixture of chalcedony, pink opals tend to have a high hardness of 6 on the Mohs scale. Pink opals are sensitive gemstones because they are softer than quartz and require proper maintenance to prevent them from deteriorating.  

The real strength of this jewel is its pink color. The stone with a uniform color is trendy and has a lot of acceptance for retaining the black dendrites that form on the fern leaves. Another wish is that the stone’s soft tone of milky pink is beautiful.   

The pink opal gets its color from the organic compounds contained in its composition, known as quinones. Pink opals appear translucent or opaque in their quality, depending on the constituents they have. 

Health Benefits 

Pink opals originate from the Peruvian Andes. They have a hardness of 6-7 and belong to the mineralogical family of opals and quartz. Pink opals are available as raw stone flatters, donuts, balls, pyramids, necklaces, pendants, and opals in the upper price range. 

The pink (pink) opal is a stone of goodness for depression and helps to recognize false love. It promotes real love and dispels depressive moods and fears. It is an excellent quality to worry about freely. It gives spontaneity, reinforces desire, eroticism, and sexuality, acts on heart troubling matters, promises zest for life, and is a real eye-catcher.  

The pink / pink opal is considered a healing stone for the digestive system by stimulating the glands of the gastric mucosa so that inflammation and discomfort are relieved in the mucosa, and the metabolism is in motion. The pink opal ensures the excellent function of the enzymes. It is used to prevent anemia and leukemia. It also prevents worm infestation. 

This stone is against hepatitis and alcohol damage to the liver. It is a good starting point. It will release the weak inflammation of the liver. This stone has nothing to do with hepatitis, alcohol damage, or liver. 

Pink opal is said to have a potential boosting effect. Hangs well in affected areas. Pink opals are placed in the sexual chakras.

A state of absence of mind or lack of concentration that can be terminated at any time. It can wear out after a long time.  

The Incas and Aztecs saw in the stone the eyes of God as he left what was left of the earth. The mighty Andes reminded their finders that man and animal belong in harmony. While the tribal war rages, it is an apparent hope for the Andes.  

The stone comes from the Peruvian Andes and has a hardness of 6-7%, as its name suggests, and belongs to the family of opals and quartz. It occurs in pink, blue, green, brown, and white, and each stone color is assigned a different characteristic. In Peru, it is considered a protective and healing stone and is processed into jewelry.   

From the point of view of the Incas and Aztecs, this stone is a stone of hope, reminiscent of when there was no war and man, animal, and nature belonged together in harmony. It has a special meaning in the eyes of the gods, as it left the gods behind when they left the earth. Today this is a stone from Peru, a protective and healing stone that is worn in jewelry.    

This physical effect is known as a healing stone for the digestive system. It reduces inflammation and discomfort in the stomach area, promotes metabolism, and strengthens the liver against the damage caused by toxins and alcohol.

 It also manifests itself in the improved function of enzymes, which helps prevent worms, mites, and viral infections. Green, blue and greenish stones, on the other hand, have calming properties, dissolve mental blockages, strengthen memory and help maintain and find peace when tested. 

It also has a positive effect on the body. It is used for pulmonary problems as it relieves allergic reactions in the lungs and bronchi. However, the body’s willingness to react to allergies is inhibited.  

Do not forget the regular production of negative energy. The stone should be cleaned with lukewarm or clear water after draining. The cleaning of the charged rock crystal and the tumbling of the stone is recommended to ensure the continuation of the favorable properties. The pink opal stone can be worn without skin contact, for example, on necklaces, pendants, and bracelets.  

Pink Opal Stone and Money   

The pink opal stone will help you identify your greatest strengths and how to use them to your advantage. If you wear it at important meetings, you will undoubtedly have much more energy and power to cope with new work commitments and challenges. 

opal earrings pink
Simple pink opal earrings in 18K Yellow Gold

How much is Pink Opal worth?  

Opals gain in value due to several factors, such as their color, rarity, crystallinity, purity, and diffraction of light. Pink opals are pieces of jewelry that are very valuable to the eye due to their striking color. There are a variety of pink opals that differ in color. In general, there are two types of pink opals: ordinary opals and noble opals.  

In the case of common opal, it is an opal type characterized by a particular color palette. The colors observed on it are unique: opaque, opalescent, crystalline, and specific colors of different colors. In this case, the value of an opal is rare and difficult to find due to the color pigmentation, as is the case with the pink opal. Noble pink opals are not among the pinkest colors that can be observed, but some can be seen on small plates of saturated, glassy gems that change their intensity when the gemstone is altered in its position or when the light hits it at different angles.  

It is why they are known as noble opals. Their remarkable properties make them extremely valuable in the jewelry sector, where beauty is perceived by different shimmering colors adorning the same stone. 


Opal healing gems work on the spirit level through pure vision. They help you to place them in the affected areas of the body. An opal necklace unfolds its healing effect on the site around the heart. 

The drinking of gemstone water is not recommended unless one is well informed about the composition of the respective stone, and it also happens that opals contain toxic substances. Opals have a hardness of 65%, are crystal soft, and can be easily scratched by sand and the like. For jewelry, opals are offered in the form of doublets and triplets. These are noble opals, which are surrounded by a robust protective layer.  

Wet cotton or wool is also a good deal. There are a variety of opals, and each type has numerous uses concerning chakras. Opals can be used for any chakra as needed. 

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