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Negative Energy Crystals – A Guide to How They Work and What They Are

Introduction – Negative Energy Crystals

Negative energy can be found in all of us at different levels. It’s a natural part of who we are and can be harnessed, when needed, to heal ourselves or others. Healing takes place when the body’s energy is re-balanced and negative emotions dissipate.

They may not look it but these crystals have been carefully crafted with specific energies that help you achieve this balance on a physical and spiritual level. In this article, we are going to discuss negative energy crystals and the positive way they can be used.

These crystals are the life force of Mother Earth underneath the surface of the planet. Using negative energy crystals is a way to feel good about ourselves, allow ourselves to heal, and experience more love within our lives. It’s about giving up responsibility for our happiness and accepting how we react in certain situations.

How do Negative Energy Crystals Work?

Negative energy crystals are crystals that have been shaped to attract negative energy to clear them. Negative energy crystals have all the same qualities as positive crystals with one exception. When there is negative energy, these crystals bring that energy up from their base or “core” and re-balance it, usually with good results.

You’ll notice negativity in your life many times when you are being strong for yourself and others and not accepting negativity as a part of your existence on this planet. The problem with being positive all the time is that we use up a lot of energy doing so.

We are taught to believe in goodness and how everything will work out for the best. Self-denial is thought to be good for us. The problem lies in denying ourselves the right to be who we are at that moment and enjoy our life experiences. It’s about understanding negative energy crystals and knowing how they work for our benefit when it comes to feeling grounded, secure, connected, and happy with who we are as individuals.

Types of crystals for battling negative energy

There are several types of crystals that can help you remove negative energy. They include the following;

Black Obsidian Forwarding off Negativity

Black Obsidian

This mystical stone is the perfect tool for repurposing negative energy into positive energy. It is one of the best negative energy crystals that promote stability and inner silence. Black Obsidian is a volcanic glass that is extremely protective against negativity, stress, and anxiety. These are not only great crystals for clearing negativity but they will help you overcome feelings of guilt from the past.

Obsidian protects its owner from fear, anger, or any other emotion that is generated by any outside source. It helps you to see the bigger picture, one that isn’t colored by toxic emotions and behavior. At one time, Black Obsidian was worshipped in ancient Europe as an amulet of protection against evil. It is a stone of transformation and can be used to repel negative energy from your environment and a loved one.

Clear quartz for deflecting negativity

Clear Quartz Crystal

Clear quartz is a crystal of purity, honesty, and stability. It can be used to defend against negative energy as well as to deflect it from yourself and others. The vibration of clear quartz is much higher than any other mineral on the planet. It is what some call “the master healer”. These crystals are most effective for healing negativity with their inherent ability to take information and send it out into the universe in a new way. The energy of clear quartz is neutralizing any harmful or unwanted messages that may be coming at you from other people or the environment.

Selenite for purifying energy

Selenite is a great negative energy crystal that can create balance and harmony in the environment it is in. It can be used to clear out the negativity of others and help you to shut down the mind from “talking” to you all the time. This stone will help your body release bad habits, ill effects of thinking negative thoughts, and any other negative energy from your surroundings. It can also clear out negativity from a general area of your home or place of business.

Negative energy crystals are crystals that have been shaped to attract negative energy to clear them.

Black jade for avoiding negative people

black jade

This stone is pretty powerful for absorbing negativity and getting rid of it. It is a powerful stone for protection against those who may want to harm you in some way, either physically or emotionally. These stones will combat the negative energy from people who may be verbally abusive, whether to you or another person. They are also very useful when dealing with someone who is holding a grudge against you for any reason. The combination of black jade and other stones provides the best protection against negative energy coming at you from an outside source.

Amethyst for emotional protection

amethyst stones

This stone is known to heal the spirit of its wearer. It will also allow you to avoid letting anything bother you. Amethyst is a very powerful stone for calming that part of your mind that is constantly spinning thoughts about the past and future, for want of a better word, worrying. It will help you to let go of the negative emotions in your life and enjoy each day with your loved ones. This stone is also used to repel negativity from anyone or anything in the environment around you.

Mother of pearl for helping understand emotions

natural pearl gemstone found in nature

Mother-of-pearl creates a balancing force that helps to calm and unify emotions. It will help you to be in control of your emotions, whether they are good or bad. It has been used in ceremonies of the East to help a person relax and to clear their mind from negative energy.

Pyrite for protection from unwanted negativity

Pyrite will protect you from other people who may want to bring you down with their negativity. This stone will not only help you to clear negative energy from others but will protect you from anyone who is wishing for a negative outcome in your life. It is also used to dispel the effects of negativity that have been brought upon yourself or another person. This mineral can be used as a tool for protection in a variety of ways, but it can also work to get rid of the energy that is causing problems in your life.


As you can see, there are many crystals here that are powerful in preventing, eliminating, and dealing with negativity. All of these stones have specific properties that will aid you in achieving your success.

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