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What is Mystic Topaz? | Ultimate Guide

Mystic Topaz was first discovered in the early 1800s by Brazilian explorers looking for a tourmaline but came across this new gemstone instead. 

They named it ‘topaz,’ which was another type of yellow transparent gemstone at the time. When the Brazilian explorers learned about its powers, they passed on this information to priests and shamans in various tribes near the mine (now located in Brazil). 

These priests/shamans then took advantage of their tribe’s superstitious nature and convinced them that the gemstones would give them special powers; these powers ranged from invisibility during battle to luck with love affairs to prophetic dreams.

 Eventually, word spread throughout Brazil about Mystic Topaz’s supernatural abilities until Europeans caught wind of said abilities and began to search for the stones themselves.

Mystic Topaz and its Powers

Despite all this, Mystic Topaz is fake. The yellow gems are typical tourmaline with a titanium oxide treatment. They make them look more attractive by ‘plumping up’ the carbon atoms in their structure, making them appear slightly bigger in crystal structure than they do. 

This treatment also has the side effect of supposedly changing their color from blue to green when heated (though no reputable source explains why temperature changes would affect it like that) and making them fluoresce under ultraviolet light. 

However, this fluorescence is incredibly weak and almost impossible to see in real life; unique ultraviolet lights used by gemologists will produce the effect.

They are also nearly impossible to cut into a gemstone (common tourmaline can be cut into any shape), so they typically end up being faceted as beads instead. 

There’s no way to tell if mystic topaz has been treated with titanium oxide just by looking at it, so you’ll have to trust the jeweler when they say it has or hasn’t been treated. You may not want to buy one if it hasn’t, though- without the treatment, Mystic Topaz appears much duller than typical tourmaline. 

If you’re buying one online, they’re very likely to be treated. If you’re buying one in person, you can check the fluorescence under ultraviolet light- if it’s green or blue, then it’s been treated with titanium oxide. A piece of rough mystic topaz is pictured above.

mystic topaz stones
Mystic Topaz Stones comes in all sizes and shapes

How to care for mystic topaz

Mystic topaz is pretty tough but not as tough as quartz. It’s also susceptible to heat- even more so than other gemstones. Don’t try to set it in anything that you’re going to be baking or cooking with. 

It means that you should probably steer clear of putting it in any metal pieces since they can quickly get extremely hot (way hotter than boiling water). 

If you want to use mystic topaz for home decor purposes, stick with wood mounts and resin/plastic settings; if it does happen to chip, though, no biggie! Just take it back to the store where you purchased it from and have them replace it or repair it. 

It would help if you didn’t put mystic topaz in direct sunlight, as that will cause some colors to fade over time. Try not to wear it more than a few times a week, especially if you’re going to be swimming or bathing with it on, as that could cause the titanium oxide treatment to fade as well. 

If you want to clean your mystic topaz, use a soft toothbrush and regular dish soap- no need for anything fancy.

Mystic Topaz Sources

The only reliable source of Mystic Topaz online is Rio Grande. You may have luck looking on Etsy or Ruby Lane, but I don’t know how reputable those sellers are. 

In real life, you can find them at particular jewelers in Brazil (but just because they have it there doesn’t mean they’ll sell it to you!), or you could contact a mine directly. Since it’s synthetic, don’t expect to pay more than $10 for small pieces (2mm rounds are a typical size) or more than $20 for significant/unusual details at the Rio Grande. 

The more significant cuts sell for much more! If that’s too expensive, consider setting your mystic topaz in resin mounts- it makes them look pretty and will protect the stone. 

You can also waste some of your mystic topaz on an art project- I’ve seen it glued onto rocks, pieces of driftwood, even used to embellish picture frames. If you don’t want to buy any mystic topaz at all, you can try searching for ‘mystic quartz,’ though that’s pretty rare too.

Mystical properties

Many mystical properties are believed to be within the topaz stone and mystic topaz. There is no scientific proof to any of them, and some haven’t been proven, but the belief in them has survived for centuries. The following is the list of mystical properties believed to be within topaz stones or mystic topaz.

natural mystic topaz gemstone
Natural Mystic Topaz Gemstones. Notice the vivid colors the stone has.

Spiritual Protection: 

The stone helps shield you from negative energy and vibrations, so your aura doesn’t take on other people’s negative emotions. It makes it easier for you to release your inner shadows without being affected by whatever has been dropped inside you, so it is a good idea to have the stone near during meditation. It also protects against psychic attacks.


It means that the stone can open up to new ideas/thoughts/feelings, which significantly helps with creativity! The type of receptive intention mystic topaz works best for is non-judgments.

Energy Transmutation: 

It means energy is being moved from one location to another. It is beneficial when you are in a stressful or uncomfortable situation- it helps you look at things from a different perspective, making the stressors seem less critical.

Imbalance Aligner:

Calming and balancing for your body, mind, and soul! It’s also helpful if you’re suffering from physical pain (i.e., headaches) because it helps clear any energy that isn’t meant to be there so that your mind/body can heal properly.

Spiritual Growth: 

It means you can grow and heal as a person, either after something traumatic or during other times of personal growth. As with other stones, this is best done with meditation.

General Welfare:

Healing helps promote balance in all areas of your life: mental, emotional, physical, etc. It is perfect for those who need to be more positive/less negative (i.e., those suffering from depression) because it helps clear out self-destructive thoughts and beliefs that stop you from living the life you want to live!

Positivity Booster: 

It helps instill a belief in yourself and continues to invest positivity within a person even when they’re tough. Negative thinking is one of the most important causes of harm in depression, so mystic topaz is very important in helping people work through this stage/phase.

Positive Change Bringer: Since it helps with balance, mystic topaz can bring about positive changes in a person’s life, whether they’re coming from within them or if outside sources are applying the energy. It also boosts your power!

Mystical Properties that have yet to be proven but are being held onto because of old beliefs:

Aura Cleaner/Beautifier:

Mystic topaz is said to help cleanse and renew your aura. After having this stone for a while, they say that you’ll notice its glowy effect and feel more positive. It is usually a good thing!

Aura enhancer: 

The stone enhances your aura and makes it stronger, allowing you to send out a more powerful energy. It purifies the aura too, which means anything that’s not meant for you won’t be able to attach itself to you as easily. This effect makes mystic topaz an excellent choice for empaths.

mystic topaz ring in black rhodium
A Magnificent Black Rhodium White Opal & Mystic Topaz Ring

Alteration of physical appearance/beautification: 

Mystic topaz can turn into the water if put under pressure from within the earth, but outside, its mystical properties are still being debated upon because no one knows how this works. They say that people who own this gemstone will start to look younger than they are or become physically beautiful, mainly because they’re more optimistic and thus happier.

Aura connection: 

The stone works as a connector between your physical body and your aura (think of it as an enhancer to the aura). Your aura is like a bubble that surrounds you, and mystic topaz helps strengthen this bubble so that you can use it as a shield against anything negative. As with other stones, this is best done through meditation.


Works without physically touching the stone or even being around it: all you need to do is hold it close to you for a while and then set it down somewhere else, preferably near plants. Mystic topaz purifies itself by emitting its energy which cleanses the air around.

Detoxification and Cleansing:

 Removes negative energy, thought patterns, beliefs, etc., which cleanses you both physically and emotionally. It also helps with moving past emotional issues that are blocking you from living your life!

Ergonomic Effect:

It helps with all kinds of ergonomics. It means it’s suitable for people who do a lot of work on computers or sit down for extended periods (i.e., office workers) because it helps ease the body to continue working without feeling as much stress on their muscles/joints.

Healing and protection stone:

It isn’t an exception to other mystical topaz properties because this is mainly what mystic topaz is known for: healing and protection! It’s an excellent stone for purifying the body and cleansing the system. It also protects you both emotionally and physically from dark energies, which is why it’s beneficial against depression.


People who suffer from depression are at risk of committing suicide, making mystic topaz a lifesaver in that sense. Also, since it helps balance, there’s less danger of gaining too much weight or becoming very sick.

mystic topaz gemstone ringin 18k yellow gold
Mystic Topaz can be used in jewelry designs as this magnificent gemstone ring.

Love and Energy Attractor:

It doesn’t mean romantic love necessarily but just all forms of love. It attracts positive energy and encourages people to be more loving towards themselves as well as others.

Positive Energy Generator: 

Mystic topaz can boost your power by generating positive energy within yourself.

Raw ability enhancer: 

It helps with all-natural abilities. People who get headaches from natural foods can wear mystic topaz to help their bodies get used to the pain and eventually lessen it so they can start eating more raw food without feeling so much discomfort.

Regenerator for energy/spiritual healing:

It means it regenerates your energy or your spirit by helping balance you out, even if you’re currently going through a lot of heavy stuff that’s draining on your body and mind. The effect is beneficial when dealing with depression, stress, etc., since it purifies the body and mind while eliminating anything that might be causing these bad feelings.

Strength; power booster:

It usually works in many different areas, one of which is your physical body. It helps with muscle strength and everyday tasks such as pushing yourself to get out of bed or do anything else when you would typically give up.

Unifier for the mind/body connections:

As a unifying stone, mystic topaz helps you by uniting everything within your mind so that all areas are working together rather than against each other. It means it’s useful for people who have problems concentrating on their work.

Grounding and; Connector:

Mystic topaz helps keep you grounded during meditations. It makes it easier for your energy to stay within while also accessing your higher self if necessary. Also, this stone helps connect our minds with very high power energy from space because of its properties.

Available properties – Helps with all issues! It means that mystic topaz even helps people who don’t necessarily have any problems in their lives because it’s a solid and powerful stone. It can be used to recharge other crystals as well, which makes it a significant investment.


When it comes to mystic topaz, the properties and effects seem too good to be true. It is why it’s critically important to remember that this stone isn’t an exception to other rocks in existence: its main property is balancing out your mind and body so you can keep moving forward.

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