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Lava Stone Benefits, Healing Qualities, & How To Connect with Your Lava Stone

Lava Stone, a stone of strength and grounding, draws out negative energy while encouraging happiness and healing. The stone itself has been known to have major beneficial properties for physical and mental health. It has also been used as a means of protection while being extremely effective in preventing negative transmissions and promoting wellness to all who use it.

What is Lava Stone?

Lava stones are usually volcanic rocks that form when lava comes into immediate contact with water at high temperatures and vaporizes into thick smoke, which then solidifies around it first, followed by tiny cracks that slowly fill with steam and other gases before it cools again. As the lava stone cools down, it fills up these tiny holes within its structure, usually filled with air or water vapour since lava is made of molten rock that has cooled down enough to become solid. This creates a unique pattern on the stone’s surface called ‘spiderwebs’ which are black silica crystals encased within grey-coloured glassy bubbles caused by gasses being trapped inside as the lava cooled.

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The origin of lava stone

It can be traced to the earth’s crust that was once underwater, where volcanic eruptions released lava into the oceanic water. As it cooled down, these heavy masses of liquid formed thick viscous lava rocks with layers upon layers of bubbles and crystallized spiderwebs distributed over its surface.


Unrefined Lava Stone is considered sacred in Hinduism due to its ability to absorb negative energy while emitting positive vibes. This form of stone is believed to protect anyone who uses it from harm, especially when correctly blessed by priests or other religious figures. It was also believed that this stone holds the power to bring good luck for those who are brave enough to take hold of one without getting burned. The Hawaiians call this type of stone the ‘Pele Stone’, named after Pele, the Hawaiian goddess of fire. Lava stones are believed to be used by this deity as bowling balls for her sport which involves throwing them towards lava flows to cool down and be used later on.

The volcanic rocks were once commonly called “tears of Pele” by Hawaiians who believed that these rocks would form when she cried while looking at the destruction she had caused with her powerful volcanic eruptions. Many legends surround this mystical stone, but one thing is certain; it provides positive energy that cannot go unnoticed.

What Are The Lava Stone Benefits?

Since ancient times, lava stone has been used as a talisman to enhance positive feelings like well-being and happiness. It also acts as a protective stone that absorbs negative energy from within its surroundings to ensure safety for those carrying it around as a charm or jewellery.

Lava Stones assist in the process of tuning into your feelings and emotions, enabling you to connect with yourself on a deeper level.

The porous structure of lava stones provides an excellent way for essential oils to be absorbed into the rock, releasing them through diffusion slowly and continuously throughout the day. This helps release stress and tension while uplifting the user’s sense of well-being and promoting spiritual awareness, especially during meditation sessions. Also, if you choose to use this method, make sure you use pure essential oils and always dilute them with a carrier oil before use to prevent irritation.

Lava stones are believed to provide protection just as they emit positive vibrations that resonate both on physical and spiritual levels. It is usually recommended that you carry this stone with you wherever you go, even if just in your pocket or purse, so it can absorb all harmful energy surrounding you while emitting positive vibes, making it an effective charm against negative energies.

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How To Connect With Your Lava Stone?

If wearing this type of necklace isn’t your thing, but you still wish to benefit from its healing qualities, try placing one on the table next to where you meditate and place your palms over it during meditation sessions. This will ensure the calming and soothing benefits seep deep within your skin and keep you grounded.

If you are still unsure what stone is best for your unique needs, get yourself a “Crystal Quartz Pendant” or “Iolite Pendant” to try out for size. Both are excellent grounding stones and help confine any strong emotions (positive and negative) to let them go without holding on too tight.

Lava Stone Healing Properties.

A great stone to wear or hold while meditating, Lava Stone will reach deep into the subconscious mind and root out old traumas and past negative experiences, which you can then work on. This is a powerful grounding stone that will also help align all chakras and balance them with Earth’s energy for grounding, clearing, healing, and balancing universal energies.

Lava stones emit an extremely strong vibration that works through the third eye chakra (also known as Ajna), making it one of the best stones for meditation techniques like Reiki to ensure positive energy flow throughout your body. Another great reason why this is such a popular choice amongst Kundalini Yoga practitioners.

Lava stone also ensures a good night’s sleep, so this makes it an excellent choice as a worry or charm stone before bed for those whose minds tend to go into overdrive during those early hours.

How To Use Lava Stone

To use a lava stone, hold the stone in your preferred hand and breathe deeply three times before releasing it into your palm. Allow yourself to feel the ridges and grooves within the stone as you run your fingers over them while doing so. The more you do this. The less likely your mind will be unaccustomed to any negative thoughts or feelings that come up when using the stone, making it easier for you to push those away and keeping only ones that lead towards positivity and healing in their place.

As with all grounding stones such as obsidian, hematite, and black tourmaline, take care not to leave them in places they can get wet from rain, water, or snow. If you cannot keep them in a place where they will always be completely dry, then wrap them in something that will thoroughly protect the stone from getting wet.

How To Cleanse And Protect Lava Stone 

Lava stones can grow weak if left unchecked over periods. Therefore, it is important to cleanse your lava stone occasionally to ensure no negative influences are embedded within it while cleansing away any unwanted energy built up after long periods of use. You may do this by running hot water over the stone and washing it with soap while visualizing white light surrounding the entire stone and filling every pocket within it before releasing any leftover negativity into whatever natural source is available such as a river or ocean.

After this has been done, take your stone to a place within nature where it will receive plenty of sunlight for several hours. As the sun’s rays hit the stone, visualize white light surrounding it once more until you feel that all negativity has been removed from within. If at any time you feel as though you need further protection, ask spirit guides or angels to help protect the stone so that nothing negative influences may come near it or be absorbed by it in its weakened state. Make sure to allow energy to return into the stone before using it again.

Lava stone beads and bracelets.

lava stone bracelet jewelry

The beads and bracelets are set in sterling silver or gold-filled wire. The lava stone beads and pendants are shown here are 22mm, the bracelet range from 6 1/2″- 7″ in length.

The general idea is to keep your aura clean so it does not get polluted with other people’s energy. Therefore you will need a grounding stone that will help shoulder the heavyweight of negativity away from your body and aura while simultaneously protecting you against any negative influences that may come within contact with your surroundings. A “Lava Stone Bracelet”, “Lava Stone Pendant”, or even a single bead on a necklace works great for these very reasons. It can be held until needed should something go amiss in your life. Simply put, it’s an all-around great stone for keeping you safe against the dangers of life and protecting you during times of trauma, whether this is physical or mental.

Lava Stone For Children

If you have young children in your family or know of any that could benefit from a protective stone, then lava stone is the perfect choice for them. Having a small bead on a necklace and letting the child hold onto it when they sleep at night works great if you feel they are old enough to understand what your intentions may be while using it. Just make sure to explain its purpose before allowing them to use it, so there are no unwanted misunderstandings later on.

If they still cannot grasp what it is meant for, then perhaps having their favourite animal or cartoon character on the bead will help better sway their interest into wanting to use it all around playtime instead of taking it off only when going to bed at night. If your children are older, have them keep the lava stone in their pocket for a bit before making it part of their regular jewellery or other accessories that they would be willing to wear every day.

Lava Stone In General

As stated above, Lava Stone is one of the best grounding stones because it can be worn hand-in-hand with practically any other type of jewellery without fear of everlasting interference from the other minerals within its proximity while helping shoulder negativity away from you so you can stay focused on what’s important here and now without letting things get too out of hand. When using this stone for protection against negative energy, visualize a bubble surrounding yourself made up entirely of white light, which will help block incoming and outgoing energies and keep them from having any effect on you whatsoever.

The more pure your Lava Stone is, the stronger its protective properties will be. If you find a stone with an odd or unpleasant smell to it, then chances are it has been sitting in one place for too long, which would make the negativity within it build up over time and weaken its purity. Even cleansing such a stone may not help remove this harmful buildup since the source of the smell comes from deep within the stone itself. Therefore it requires another method of removal.

The best way to cleanse Lava Stone would be to place it outside under direct sunlight for several hours each day until all previous negative influences have worn off completely before using again. Allow it to remain out in bright light for at least several hours to overnight, depending on how long the stone takes to expel all its built-up negativity before bringing it back into your life.

This can be done by putting several stones in a bowl filled with sea salt then placing it where the sun can reach it most directly throughout the day so that it has ample time to absorb the Sun’s cleansing rays. It should not take more than a week for most stones to purge their negative inner workings this way completely. However, some stones may take longer depending on numerous factors surrounding each stone itself during this cleansing process.


You can never be too careful when protecting yourself against the dangers of life, and Lava Stone is one of the most powerful ways in existence today to do just that. Not only is it long-lasting, but this stone can help keep you grounded and focused on keeping yourself healthy mentally, physically, and spiritually too.

This stone has the potential to last you a lifetime with proper care and maintenance.
Lava Stone is available in many different sizes, shapes, and colours worldwide today, making this one of the most diverse yet simplistic gemstones out there when it comes to providing defensive protection against negativity. Its protective properties are powerful enough to use on its own or combined with other stones to create an even more complete shield against whatever life throws your way each day. The only exception would be taking it off at night before going to bed so that you can sleep peacefully throughout the night.

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