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Is 10k Gold Real? | 10-Karat vs. 14-Karat Gold and Where to Buy

Is 10k Gold Real? | 10-Karat vs. 14-Karat Gold and Where to Buy

When you hear the word gold, what runs through your mind? Wealth is the common word most people think about. Gold is regarded as the most precious mineral to have been discovered. Gold is a measure of wealth and the wealthiest own various kilograms. But in what form do the rich people store their gold?

It is known that you can hardly find pure gold. It is very soft, prone to scratches, and bends easily. A few days after wearing a piece of pure gold jewelry, you can realize scratches and distortions on the jewelry. Therefore, jewelers improvised making jewelry using gold and other hard minerals like copper, zinc, nickel, palladium, or any other hard alloy to harden the gold and make it last longer.

The combination of gold and other alloys gave birth to the famous 10k, 14k, and 18k, K standing for karat, which is the measurement of gold purity in a particular jewel. 24k stands for pure gold, which is rarely found.

The gold’s purity is a particular jewel calculated against 24k. Therefore, a 10-karat jewel contains only 41.7% of gold, a 14-karat jewel includes 58.5% of gold, and an 18-karat jewel has 75.0% pure gold. Due to the small percentage of gold in a 10-karat jewel, many people wonder whether it is absolute gold. Now that we are familiar with the gold purity in every piece of jewelry, we can clear our doubts.

Among the three gold karats, the 14k gold is the most popular due to the various aspects it possesses. For instance, it is the most preferred for making wedding and engagement rings in the United Kingdom.  

Is 10 karat gold real?

Yes, 10k gold is real. It contains 41.7% pure gold and is the minor gold percentage of any gold jewel. Also, it is the cheapest gold and is mainly referred to as discount gold. 

Gold’s color is yellow. But due to contamination by other alloys, while making a 10k jewel, the jewel emerges as a pale yellow. However, it is not easy to differentiate 10k gold from 14k gold. They are both pale, but a 10k gold is slightly paler than a 14k gold. It is now apparent to those with a 10k gold real, 10 karat anxiety that it is real and has a value.

10-karat vs. 14-karat Gold

Though 10k and 14k are both gold, they have specific differences. Below are their differences.

is 10K Gold Real? Popularity:

14 karat gold is more popular than 10 karat gold in most parts of the world, like the United Kingdom, United States, and many other Western Nations. Approximately 90% of wedding and engagement rings and other jewelry are crafted with 14 karat gold.

10K Gold Necklace
10K Gold Necklace is very popular piece of jewelry to buy online.

is 10K Gold Real? Durability:

10 karat gold is more durable than 14 karat gold. It is because the alloy percentage in the 10 karat gold is higher than the 14 karat gold. Gold is prone to scratches and bends easily; therefore, the higher the gold percentage in a karat, the higher the risks of scratches and bending.

is 10K Gold Real? Color:

10 karat gold is paler than 14 karat gold. Due to the high percentage level of other metal alloys in 10 karat gold, the gold color is considerably neutralized, resulting from paling yellow but paler than the 14 karat gold.  

is 10K Gold Real? Allergy:

10 karat gold contains a higher risk of causing skin irritation than 14 karat gold. Suppose someone allergic to nickel, zinc, copper, iron, silver, or any other metal wears a jewel made of 10 karat gold for a long. In that case, they are likely to experience contact dermatitis. It is recommended that they choose a gem made of 14 karats or 18 karat gold.

The 14 karat gold is rich in color compared to the 10 karat gold. The 14 karat gold is a little more saturated than the 10 karat gold giving it the typical gold look color. It attracts more people and could be why most people go for it.

is 10K Gold Real? Gold Quantity:

10-karat jewel contains 41.7% gold, while a 14-karat jewel contains 58.5% gold.

10-karat jewelry is cheaper than a 14-karat jewel due to the different percentage gold purity levels.

Where you can buy gold jewelry

There are various stations where you can buy a piece of gold jewelry. 

Traditional gold stockers

As the name suggests, traditional gold stockers still display their products in shops. It means you must dedicate some time to go to the shop and select jewelry of your taste. These shops allow you to try the jewel and measure the gold purity in the jewelry if you need clarification. It works as an advantage to you since you have full proof of what you are buying.  

Online platforms

Many different online vendors are ready to deliver their jewelry to their customers. James Allen is one of the most famous online gold traders and allows you to check and select the jewelry of your preference on his platform. 

You can tilt the jewel until satisfied, as his products have a 360° rotation allowance. 

Another platform where you can acquire a piece of gold jewelry is the Blue Nile. It is the most famous online jewelry seller with quality images and reasonable prices. 


It is another leading online gold seller platform. Like all other platforms, Amazon avails quality products at a fair price. 


Gold is a soft mineral that can easily bend and acquire scratches. Therefore, it is crafted with other metal alloys to make jewelry pieces. It led to different gold karats, including 10k, 14k, and 18k. 24k is pure gold but is rarely available. 

The karats have various advantages over the others and differences that categorize them. Therefore, choosing jewelry requires one to consider their taste and the gold purity in the product.

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