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Fancy imperial topaz ring in 18K rose gold. Estimated price of $6500

What does Imperial Topaz stone mean ? Properties and Uses

There are many different types of gemstones; however, one is relatively new to the mineral world. This stone is called an imperial topaz stone and belongs in the phosphate family-like Tanzanite. It was discovered in Brazil in 2001 and has since become a popular choice for both jewelry and metaphysical purposes.


The word ‘topaz’ is derived from an old Persian word that means “fire.” It’s believed to be given this name because it can sparkle and emit a bright light when hit by sunshine or placed next to a fire. Another reason it got this name is its ability to change colors during certain conditions, e.g., hot and cold temperatures and exposure to ultraviolet light.

It’s known that many gemstones have their meanings; however, what makes imperial topaz stone one of a kind is that it can mean whatever the wearer wants it to represent. This stone carries an energy of creativity, truthfulness, happiness, abundance, optimism, security, and awareness. There are many other aspects associated with this stone, but ultimately it can be whatever the wearer envisions for themselves.

Physical Properties

The physical properties associated with imperial topaz stone include its hardness (8 on Mohs scale), refractive index (1.622-1.627), transparency (opaque), and specific gravity (3). It’s also important to know how it gets its color. The majority of stones are pale yellow, deep greenish-yellow, reddish-orange, and pink. 

These colors come from the chromium within the stone to give it such a unique appearance. Different levels can be found depending on which location the imperial topaz is mined from. Other physical properties include its crystal system (isometric), cleavage (poor), and fracture (conchoidal).

imperial topaz diamond ring in rose gold
Fancy 18K rose gold imperial topaz with diamonds. Estimated price of $5600.

Metaphysical Healing Properties

Metaphysical healing properties associated with this stone include its ability to increase creativity, truthfulness, happiness, abundance, optimism, security, and awareness. Beyond that, it helps align the chakras with one another by bringing them into balance with each other. It is beneficial for anyone interested in meditation or energy work. It’s also known to offer courage, strength, and a positive state of mind for those who wear it regularly.

Imperial Topaz stone in Jewelry Uses 

Imperial topaz stone has been used throughout history for many different reasons; however, now they are used mainly in jewelry. This stone is known for its rarely found pink, golden, and orange colors, which can be harnessed in various creations. Here is a list of some of the most common uses of imperial topaz in jewelry:

· Pendants- The imperial topaz’s color and clarity make it a perfect stone to use in any pendant.

· Earrings– Because of its color, this stone can be versatile and is therefore used in earrings of many shapes and sizes.

· Rings– The shape and clarity of imperial topaz can be used to create some great rings. Due to its durability, it’s known for being a solid stone and is durable enough to be worn in an engagement ring.

· Necklaces– For the same reasons as earrings and rings, this stone can also be used in necklaces.

· Bracelets– Due to imperial topaz’s durability, it can be used in bracelets of many designs and sizes.

Where does Imperial Topaz stone come from?

Imperial topaz can be found in Brazil, where they are known to mine out of pegmatites in the granite hills near Rio de Janeiro. Other locations where you might find these stones include Nigeria and Arizona, USA.

How much is Imperial Topaz stone worth?

Imperial topaz stones are rarely seen for under $50; however, they can increase depending on how large the stone is. For example, a one-carat gemstone will be more expensive than five smaller ones. One of the benefits this stone has over others is its size variation. You can find stones as small as 1/8th of an inch to 8 inches in length.

natural imperial topaz
Imperial Topaz in Nature. Topaz looks best in incandescent light due to its orange, red and orange colors.

Where to buy Imperial Topaz stone?

As with other popular gems and minerals, there are many places you can go online to purchase imperial topaz, including eBay and Etsy. It’s also possible to find them at your local jewelers or metaphysical shops if they carry them. When choosing a seller, do your research to ensure that their products are legitimate.

How to identify Imperial Topaz stone?

To tell natural imperial topaz from heat-treated ones, you should look at the color it emits when it’s exposed to ultraviolet light. If the stone turns yellow, it has been treated by one of the many methods today. Natural topaz is usually very pale. Here is a step-by-step process of identifying an imperial topaz:

Step 1: Use a black light- This will make it easy to see the stone’s color.

Step 2: Shine a black light over the stone- If it emits a yellow color, then it’s been treated.

Step 3: Use a magnifying glass- This will allow you to see the inclusions within the stone if it’s natural.

How to cleanse Imperial Topaz stone?

The reason you might want to try and “cleanse” your stone is for its metaphysical properties. The energy of the stone can become stagnant after it’s been worn for an extended period. Here are some steps you can take to “cleanse” your stone:

Step 1: Cleanse your stones- It can be done by putting them in a bowl of sea salt.

Soak the topaz for about 20 minutes.

Step 2: Rinse your stones- After cleansing, make sure to rinse them off and dry them with a clean cloth.

Step 3: Recharge your stone- Place the stone in the sun or near some crystals (rose quartz, black tourmaline, etc.) to recharge its energy.

Imperial Topaz stone vs. Citrine

Citrine is another popular gemstone that’s sometimes confused for imperial topaz stone because of their similarities. To tell the difference between these stones, there are a few simple things you can check for:

           1) Size- Citrine is usually smaller than imperial topaz, but it can be larger depending on where the stone was mined.

           2) Color- Citrines are generally yellow or golden, while imperial topaz is pale in color.

           3) Clarity- Citrines are known for their clarity, but they can have many forms of inclusions due to their quartz base. Imperial topaz is very rare in that it will contain any flaws or inclusions within the stone.

Natural Imperial Topaz from Brazil

Imperial topaz stones can be found in a variety of colors as well as shapes and sizes. These stones can also contain interesting inclusions like octahedral crystals. Below is an image displaying what the natural imperial topaz looks like:

This stone has been given multiple names: Imperial Topaz, Brazilian Topaz, Bahia Topaz, and Bahia Yellow Topaz. This gemstone is mined in the northeastern area of Brazil, which is known for its mineral resources. The different colors of this topaz are attributed to the chemical make-up of the stone. For example, yellow stones are rich in iron, while blue ones are high in titanium.

imperial topaz ring
Imperial Topaz Center Stone Ring isolated on white

Facts about the Imperial Topaz stone

One of the most long-lasting varieties of gemstones, the Imperial Topaz is one of the most admired for its durability. It’s also known as a symbol of good luck and friendship.

The history of the Imperial Topaz dates back to around 4000 BCE in Egypt, where it is documented that they were mined from wells near Sakkara by the Ancient Egyptians. The gemstone was also found in the mines of both Europe and Germany and India and Brazil. Most scholars agree that the armory of the Egyptian Pharaohs made this stone such a sought-after gemstone throughout history.

The Imperial Topaz stone has an excellent luster and a golden yellow to orange/red color. In general, the more vital and more profound the yellow color of a topaz stone is, the more highly valued it is by collectors. This gemstone also ranks at a hardness of 8 on the Mohs scale, making it a very durable gemstone that can withstand a lot of wear and tear.

The Imperial Topaz has been known to be mined from Brazil, but if you want to buy one, make sure you know exactly where your stone came from since several companies in Europe and America claim their stones come from Brazil when they do not. The most expensive Imperial Topaz stone come from India because they have the deepest golden colors instead of those found elsewhere, which tend to appear pale or colorless in comparison.

They are expensive because topaz stones are difficult to find, quite rare, and have a strong market demand. Moreover, Imperial Topaz stone must be cut properly to show their colors at their best which is also expensive. These factors make it a costly gemstone but well worth the price for those who appreciate its beauty and durability.

Despite being one of the most durable gemstones, if exposed to too much heat or certain chemicals, the Imperial Topaz stone can become brittle over time, although it’s not something that happens often. If this happens, take your stone to a jeweler who should know how to restore it to its former glory without damaging it any further. The jeweler might charge you for this service, but it’s better than losing your stone altogether.

Caring for the Imperial Topaz stone should also be done carefully because this gemstone can become brittle if exposed to too much heat or chemicals. Avoid wearing the stone when you’re applying perfume, aftershave, and any other form of fragrance or cologne so as not to damage its surface and luster. 

The same goes with hot water and steam, which will weaken the stones’ durability over time. To clean this gemstone, wipe it gently with a cloth moistened in warm water, rinse it clean and use another piece of fabric to dry it off before storing it in a cool place away from sunlight.

Topaz stones are very durable pieces of jewelry that can withstand wear and tear. They are also expensive, which is another reason to take care of them properly, not to damage the stone in any way. Most people know how to take good care of their topaz stones but if you’re looking for jewelry made out of this gemstone, make sure you buy them exclusively from authorized dealers who will tell you where they got their stones and what other specifications there are.  

Factors to Consider when buying the Imperial Topaz stone

The Imperial Topaz is one of the top-selling colored gemstones in the world. It is generally sold either loose or crafted into jewelry, and it can be found in a variety of places, including stores, malls, diamond bourses, and online shops. The Topaz stone comes in many colors (including yellow, its natural color), but the most sought after by jewelers are reds, pinks, blues, and greens.

There are many factors to take into consideration when buying an Imperial Topaz stone. These factors include price range/vendor reputation; clarity; cut; rarity; certificates; suitability for purpose; color grading scale used by vendor.

You should always check the price range or the shop’s reputation for any purchases, expensive products like gems. Because of the high value of this product, it is essential to make sure that you will not be cheated and end up with a low-quality stone that can cost more in resale than its original purchase price. Do your research and only buy from reputable sellers.

The clarity of an Imperial Topaz gemstone determines how much imperfection is allowed by law on its exterior surface. The scales used are F, IF, VVS1 – VVS2 VS1 – VS2 SI1 – SI2 I1 – I3 (poor-excellent). Make sure that you check the clarity grade of the stone before purchasing.

The cut of an Imperial Topaz gemstone is an essential factor to consider because it can affect its overall appearance and sale value. Some popular cuts among jewelry designers include oval, cushion, trillion, pear, and radiant. You should also check that any stones you intend on buying have adequately been cut according to their shape – for example, a round-shaped topaz should not be cut as a trillion or pear.

It is pretty easy to find the color of an Imperial Topaz gemstone online, but it may help you in your purchase if you know how it may change under artificial lighting conditions. Here’s a list of common lighting conditions: shade, fluorescent light; tungsten light; daylight/sunlight. The color can also be graded using an alphabetical scale (A, B, C, D, E, F). 

It is essential to know that different vendors may use other color grading systems, so it’s best to check this before making your purchase.

The Imperial Topaz gemstone is an attractive orange-yellow color, and it has a fascinating origin. If you’re thinking of purchasing one, you’ll derive so much value from it as a store for value, a beautiful gem, and you could also use it for spiritual purposes.

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