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Everything You Need to Know About Obsidian Gemstone

Black obsidian gemstone is a magnificent natural stone generated when molten volcanic lava cools and solidifies. A crystalline structure is not seen in this material, which is smooth and reflective. It has been utilized to connect the spiritual realm to the physical world for thousands of years, and it is still prevalent in many spiritual societies across the globe because of its metaphysical capabilities. When it comes to feng shui, black obsidian is the stone to have in your home. It may also serve as a grounding stone to help you return to earth.

This gemstone is one of the most extensively used stones, particularly in jewelry and artisanal crafts. It has also been used for other purposes, ranging from household appliances to weaponry in various societies.

So, what exactly should you look for while purchasing jewelry made of this stone? What you anticipate receiving and what you can be prepared to avoid are discussed in detail below.

Let’s take a close look at all you need to learn about this gemstone in more depth today.

Black Obsidian Gemstone

Black obsidian is a deep black stone with a lustrous surface when tumbled or molded. It is a naturally occurring volcanic glass formation. After a volcano has ceased to erupt, the surrounding area cools swiftly. In its raw state, it is challenging and smooth, yet it might have sharp edges due to the nature of the material. It is utilized in jewelry and home decor because of its extraordinary beauty and robust qualities.

Rhyolitic lava flows, often known as “obsidian flows,” are the most prevalent source of these gemstone rocks. These flows contain a lot of silica, which is why they are generally composed of 35 to 80 percent silica. As an outcome of these and other chemical properties, the lava has an unusually high viscosity and is what permits it to cool and solidify into the glass.

When it comes to obsidian’s origin, the most prevalent mining areas are in alphabetically: Armenia, Argentina, Azerbaijan, Greece, Chile, Canada, Georgia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Italy, Iceland, Japan, Kenya, Mexico, Peru, New Zealand, Turkey, and Scotland. Although this gemstone appears to be a mineral, it is not natural since its composition is too complicated and lacks the usual mineral crystalline structure.

Obsidian Gemstone

Obsidian gemstone is a form of volcanic glass that is strong, amorphous, and brittle once it is exposed to sunlight. Additionally, it does not have the characteristic cleavage of other gemstones, and While broken, its conchoidal fracture plus sharp edges allow it to generate highly sharp and polished edges.

This gemstone is exceptionally infrequent since the rocks may often include impurities that will lend a brownish, yellowish, or reddish hue, making it difficult to find. It is differentiated by its glassy composition plus single refraction, which makes it easy to identify.

The Symbolism and the Meaning 

Besides its strange vibes and connotations, it is associated with various other magical properties, ranging from defense to shadow qualities to psychic cleansing. In certain circles, it is also referred to as “the psychic vacuum cleaner” because of its ability to attract bad feelings away from the user and suck them in.

It’s believed to act as a fantastic “bodyguard” for your soul, protecting you from numerous emotional calamities. Furthermore, this gemstone is supposed to shield the user from various shadow characteristics such as fear, rage, addiction, nervousness, and the ability to tell the truth.

Black Obsidian Gemstone Properties

According to experts, the capacity to purify and ground are two of black obsidian’s most notable therapeutic characteristics. Its roots in the lower chakras establish a profound connection to the earth. It makes it the ideal anchoring force and is frequently employed in the practice of feng shui in dwellings.

Supposedly, it can pull negativity out of the body and into the ground, where it is mitigated. As a result of its deep connection with the ground and nature, it is an excellent stone for connecting with other spiritual worlds and unleashing their potential.


By definition, it should be free of inclusions. With a crystal-clear sheen, it’s often opaque. Volcanic glass has a lustrous, vitreous appearance. The renowned obsidian mirrors were made from the black obsidian gemstone that had been polished to a great degree of clarity. These mirrors can be found online in plenty; while they are less helpful than regular glass mirrors, they are stunning nonetheless.


Numerous jewelers claim that this gemstone is a charming gemstone to cut and carve. The fact that it is hard and brittle makes it a simple material to cut with a diamond saw or engrave with a Dewalt diamond tip drill.

Regardless of how they are cut, polished, tumbled, and carved, they are commonly formed into cycles or fancy cuts, among other things. These are the stakes that seem to be the best to highlight the natural beauty of this gemstone.

In contrast, it may be modeled in various ways, including different ornamental arrowheads plus moon shapes, among other forms of decoration. In addition to being easy to cut and widely used in adornment, the options for cutting these stones are only confined by the cutter’s creativity.

How To Pick the Best Black Obsidian Gemstone

The size, karat mass, cut, and form of this gemstone you like is primarily a question of personal choice and how polished and highly refractive you want it to be. Different varieties of black obsidian are found worldwide, based on the quantity of coloring and the degree of glassiness. One type of this gemstone called Apache Tear has a considerably rougher and less glassy look because it is generated by being hurled up in the air during production.

A common kind of this stone is also known as snowflake obsidian gemstone . The surface of this gemstone is flecked with white specks and dots that appear like snowflakes. Quartz crystals occur on the surface of the obsidian rock as a result of the formation of the rock, eliminating the glassy aspect of the rock where they form and causing it to become crystalline in appearance.


When purifying the black obsidian gemstone , the very first step is to focus your thoughts on the goal you want to achieve. It would help if you located a crystal cleansing routine that is effective for you and your house because this stone plays a vital part in your life and home. Cleansing with soap and water is not recommended since it has the potential to degrade the crystals. However, there are a few methods that have been proven to be beneficial over time. The utilization of moonlight is one of the most effective methods of cleansing and recharging.

Smudging using sage or palo santo is yet another traditional way of purification. If you’re seeking a cleansing procedure that you can include in your everyday routine, we propose wrapping your black obsidian gemstone using rice, resting it overnight, and afterward discarding it. As a strong cleaner, sound may be used to cleanse your black obsidian gemstone , so if this is something that connects with you, we recommend immersing your stone in sound.

“This gemstone is one of the most extensively used stones, particularly in jewelry and artisanal crafts. It has also been used for other purposes, ranging from household appliances to weaponry in various societies.”

Furthermore, it may be cleaned with hot water, mild soaps, and other cleaning agents. It should only be brushed using soft brushes or a soft fabric since metal brushes can easily harm the material’s surface.

Keeping this gemstone away from diamonds and other hard stones is also recommended since they can damage the surface of the obsidian gemstone. When it is sliced into a shape with sharp edges, it has the potential to cause damage to softer items.

Other Uses

Aside from jewelry, this gemstone may be used to create sculptures, ornate ornamentation on mirrors, mugs, vases, picture frames, goblets, and even kitchenware, among other things. It has been used for various practical objectives throughout history, including knives, arrowheads, weapon blades, and other implements. 

obsidian necklace

Obsidian gemstone is also utilized in manufacturing surgical scalpels, which are unique to this particular kind of obsidian. All of these benefits were made feasible by the sharpness when adequately cut, plus the respite with which it could be sliced.

One of the primary reasons certain civilizations employed this gemstone in this fashion was that they lacked access to metals such as iron, bronze, and steel. It was a good substitute for these metals. The use of this stone in jewelry and artisan crafts was restricted after the widespread adoption of these metals, but these fields have shown to be more than accommodating for volcanic glass in recent years.

Enhancements for Black Obsidian Gemstone?

Except for polished obsidian gemstone, there aren’t too many standard methods of enhancing it. Once polished well, it can be confused for other gemstones, such as Onyx and jet, which appear ordinary while polished adequately. A professional must always be able to distinguish between the two, especially Whenever using a microscope, but a typical client may become perplexed.

In the same way, as this is not a crystal or even a mineral, the jet is also devoid of the traditional crystalline structure. Jetting, on the other hand, is a form of coal that falls into the category of organic gemstones. It was created by burying pieces of wood in the silt for an extended period.

As a result, it feels very different to the touch and is far lighter than obsidian gemstone. Additionally, it is softer and far less durable (2.5 to 4 Mohs). The gemstone can be mistaken for black obsidian; nevertheless, once it is placed on a piece of jewelry and polished to a high degree of shine.

While this is thick and heavy, Onyx is substantially denser and more severe in comparison. It is a mineral with a crystalline structure, and its finish might be slightly duller than that of other minerals. Regardless, while polished adequately, it may appear pretty glassy, and it can be readily confused with black obsidian gemstone in appearance. Onyx is considered to be more precious in general.

“Black Obsidian has been utilized to connect the spiritual realm to the physical world for thousands of years, and it is still prevalent in many spiritual societies across the globe because of its metaphysical capabilities.”

Purchasing the Black Obsidian Gemstone

This rare gemstone is not widely available, so you may have difficulty finding many selections at your local jewelry store. As you search online, you will have many choices and reasonable rates.

When making an online purchase, make sure you purchase from a reputable vendor with an established track record. We suggest starting your search on Etsy and Amazon because these marketplaces provide many alternatives to accommodate a wide range of budgets and tastes.

Etsy has a vast selection of dealers who sell a wide variety of this stone and jewelry made of it, and you can find them all there. From inexpensive pieces that cost a few dollars to expensive components that cost a fortune, their obsidian jewelry is available in various designs.



Since Amazon is one of the world’s most prominent online merchants, it should be a special surprise that you can discover a wide variety of antiques on the site. Everyone will find something to their liking here.

Of course, because each vendor on Etsy and Amazon has its standards and guidelines, you may have to do a little more searching and research, but it will be well worth the effort while you find the ideal piece of this type of gemstone. Make use of the extensive rating and review areas on the site to determine the overall quality of each product.

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