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Magnificent blue topaz classic stone in 18K yellow gold.

Birthstone Topaz Ultimate Guide | November Birthstone

Birthstone topaz is a variety of quartz that shares the same chemical composition as corundum.

Birthstone Topaz is found worldwide, but most topaz stones are mined in Brazil, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, and China. Topaz can range from colorless to yellow or reddish-brown. The more rare blue topazes are mined in Mexico, Madagascar, and Russia. 

A transparent crystal with no hue is considered colorless; its value decreases as visible color increases. Pure white topaz is only slightly less valuable than diamonds. The most valuable hues are pink, red, and green-yellow hues which contain trace elements of iron oxide.

Diamonds are graded on their clarity, colorlessness, and cut, whereas topazes are graded based on their clarity, color, cut, and the presence of an eye visible with magnification. The most prized topazes are those that contain no flaws or inclusions.

The giant topaz crystal ever discovered weighed more than 3 tons! It was found in Brazil back in 1917 at the site of the former Capelinha mine. Topaz is known to grow on many different types of rocks.

topaz birthstone

Diamonds are considered one of the hardest minerals, whereas birthstone topaz ranks only eight on Mohs’ scale for mineral hardness, falling between emerald (seven) and corundum (nine). It makes it softer than steel but harder than window glass.

Discover your Birthstone color by month

January: Garnet- Garnet is said to be able to make one cheerful and attract love. It’s also thought that it could work as an aphrodisiac. Garnets are found in many hues, including red, orange, green, and purple.

February: Amethyst has been held sacred since ancient times. Roman soldiers wore them into battle, believing they would protect them from harm. Not only was this stone used to adorn churches, but it was also made into skull chalices where the bearer could drink the elixir of life directly from the gods! The Greeks believed amethysts cooled tempers and calmed waves of anger, whereas the Incas thought it could stop bleeding if placed on a wound.

March: Aquamarine – Sailors once believed that aquamarine would protect them from drowning. The stone was also thought to be a powerful protection against evil, and warriors often carved amulets out of it to carry into battle. In India, aquamarine is regarded as sacred to Vishnu.

April: Diamond – The diamond has been associated with many legends throughout history. Ancient Persians believed the diamond was a gift from God, and if anyone ever tried to steal one, they would be punished by Allah! It’s said that diamonds are so rare because a girl swallows a diamond during her wedding night and later vomits it up for her husband.

May: Emerald-Not only was this gemstone thought to bring wealth, but people wore emeralds in the belief that they would ward off infectious diseases and evil spirits. The Egyptians wore emerald jewelry because it was thought to give them wisdom and courage.

June: Pearl – This gemstone is associated with purity and innocence. In medieval times, pearls were used as a cure for melancholy (depression). Pearls are still worn by brides today due to the symbolism of purity.

July: Ruby-According to legend, whoever wears a ruby never ages, whereas Indian folklore tells us that when the gods dance under the moonlight, their toenails are rubies! This stone is also said to symbolize love, good health, faithfulness, and prosperity.

August: Peridot-This stone was once believed to hold mystical powers. It was thought that peridots protected their wearers, but they were capable of healing wounds and illnesses.

September: Sapphire-Sailors believed sapphires could protect them from drowning, disease, and evil. This gemstone is also said to bring good fortune and spiritual insight.

October: Opal – The opal is regarded as a stone of mystery in many cultures, whereas the Greeks named it after the Greek word meaning “to see a change.” This gemstone is associated with symbols of hope and aspiration.

November: Topaz – In India, this stone represents fidelity, whereas, in Japan, birthstone topaz symbolizes courage because of its strength against hard blows. The Romans considered this stone sacred to the sun and dedicated it to Jupiter.

December: Turquoise-This stone is believed to bring good fortune, peace, and harmony. It’s also thought that wearing turquoise can protect against negative energy, physical harm, and depression.

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Birthstone Topaz Facts!

Birthstone Topaz can be found in many hues, including red, orange, green, and purple. This gemstone ranks eight on Mohs’ scale for mineral hardness falling between emerald (seven) and corundum (nine). 

When pure topaz is rubbed with a cotton cloth, it will shine brightly under ultraviolet light, making this gemstone glow in different colors depending on what lighting you are using! China has been the world’s largest supplier of topaz for over a century.

The birthstone topaz is associated with strength, courage, and protection from harm! Roman soldiers wore it to invoke the power of Jupiter, the God of thunder and lightning. In India, this stone symbolizes fidelity, while in Japan, it represents courage because of its strength against blows from weapons.

Are birthstones gemstones or minerals?

All of the gemstones in the list are minerals. However, there is no actual set definition for what can be considered a mineral or gemstone. It varies by each scientist studying geology. Most will agree that minerals were naturally occurring solids with an ordered atomic structure and defined chemical composition. At the same time, gemstones are simply any material that can be polished into something worn for beauty purposes without much value added to it other than its beauty. 

Some might argue that diamonds (from compressed carbon) should not be classified as gemstone because their primary purpose is for industrial uses like drilling, cutting, and sawing instead of adornment; however, today, they are mainly used in jewelry, so they can be considered both.

Some gemstones are extremely rare, which can make them more valuable than diamonds. Birthstones were once believed to hold mystical powers and protect against negative emotions, diseases, and evil spirits. 

These stones came into use during medieval times when people used gems to cure melancholy (depression). The names associated with these stones originated from the Book of Revelation in the Bible, where it mentions 12 different types of gems that adorned God’s throne. 

Even though many of these stones don’t have any scientific evidence backing up their therapeutic properties, some people still believe they possess special powers so that they will pay thousands of dollars for rare specimens! Today, birthstones are used more for fashion purposes than protection because of how affordable they have become.

“Diamonds are considered one of the hardest minerals, whereas birthstone topaz ranks only eight on Mohs’ scale for mineral hardness, falling between emerald (seven) and corundum (nine). It makes it softer than steel but harder than window glass.”

Can birthstones only be found in one country?

Most of the birthstones originate from mines that are located all over the world. However, few gemstones have been labeled as a birthstone throughout history which started with a decree by Pope Innocent VIII, who declared three different types of gems associated with each astrological sign during the 15th century. 

The colors for these specific signs were placed on either diamonds, pearls, or colored gemstones like sapphire because they believed these stones would help strengthen the poor qualities for each astrology sign (such as assisting people born under Gemini to express themselves better). 

Later, in 1912 an American jeweler expanded upon this list and added two more gemstones to represent Sagittarius and Virgo. He wanted to add two more unique stones to the list to sell more products.

Some of the most common birthstones used for jewelry purposes today include ruby (for Aries), sapphire (for Sagittarius), emerald (for Gemini), and turquoise (for Pisces). These gems will continue to be popular throughout history due to their affordability and availability, especially since there isn’t any scientific evidence that they cure depression like it was believed back in medieval times! 

In most cases today, these gemstones are mined from all over, so they can’t be associated with a single country even though their original names were based on the gemstones found in each different location when they were first declared by Pope Innocent VIII centuries ago.

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Beautiful Diamond blue topaz gemstone turquise topaz gemstone cushion cut pear shape teardrop drop dangle diamond earrings.

Can mineral oil be used to clean birthstone topaz?

Mineral oil is used in many different ways, such as using it on home and garden tools or applying it instead of cooking oil, so any product containing this ingredient must not be applied directly onto a gemstone because this could cause damage to the crystals when trying to remove it from its setting! 

Even though these stones are much less expensive than diamonds, they still need to be adequately cared for if owners want them to remain in good condition for years to come.

Birthstone Topaz is one of the various affordable gemstones that can be found today, making it very popular with people shopping on a budget. Many mined stones are cut down to smaller sizes before they are polished, so there isn’t any evidence showing exactly where this stone originated from, even though they are still considered valuable. 

Since these stones can scratch easily, it’s best not to expose them to household chemicals or cleaning products because these could cause damage over time! However, suppose owners need to clean their stones. In that case, it’s recommended that they use warm water and a soft cloth since this is the safest way to remove certain minerals from the gemstone’s surface during standard cleaning methods.

What are the most valuable birthstones?

Many gemstone experts say that sapphires are considered the most valuable birthstones of all because they come in every color of the rainbow. In contrast, diamonds can only be found in a few different shades. However, many people still consider them rare and expensive, which is why they’re used for engagement rings today! 

Another popular gemstone that has been historically known as a valuable item is diamonds which can be clear or tinted yellow, blue, green, or red depending on the presence of either nickel or iron. But before receiving this stone as a present, it’s essential to learn more about each one since there aren’t any scientific studies showing how each color of sapphire can help heal depression or other ailments, even though these stones have been valued for centuries.

This stone is still considered one of the most expensive gemstones, even though it can come in many colors that are not pleasing to the eye. 

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However, before purchasing diamonds, it’s best to research why these stones are so expensive and learn more about each color before committing to buying them because there is no scientific evidence showing whether they help cure depression-like topaz does! 

Other popular birthstones include sapphires which have long been considered valuable items for centuries even though there isn’t any scientific evidence showing how each bluestone might help with different illnesses or ailments.

 These rubies are often mined worldwide, including Afghanistan, China, Myanmar, and Thailand, emeralds mined in Brazil, Columbia, and Zambia, or turquoise, which is only mined in the United States of America.

Many gemstone experts agree that there isn’t any scientific evidence showing how valuable these stones might be. Still, they say that they can change color when exposed to different temperatures because of chromium! So before buying this stone as a present for someone, learn more about birthstone topaz by reading through reliable sources online, including encyclopedia entries or published books, so you don’t waste money on something that won’t be helpful to your loved ones.


Birthstone Topaz is one of the several affordable gemstones available today, which makes it very popular. However, many people still consider them rare and expensive, which is why they’re used for engagement rings today! But before receiving this stone as a present, it’s essential to learn more about each one since there aren’t any scientific studies showing how each color of topaz can help heal depression or other ailments.

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