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A Comprehensive Guide to the Blue Obsidian Healing Stone

Blue Obsidian is thought by many cultures, including Ancient Egyptians and Native American Indians, to be a stone of protection. It symbolizes strength and determination, withstanding great trials and tribulations. This article will give you all the information you need on how blue obsidian may be helpful as a healing stone and your options for obsidian therapy.

What is Blue Obsidian?

Blue Obsidian, also known as volcanic glass, is a natural glass (volcanic sediment) formed when lava cools rapidly. Basalt is the most common mineral in the rocks known as obsidian. It appears “milky” due to its content of microscopic air bubbles. 

Blue Obsidian
Blue Obsidian Raw Crystal

The mineral has a conchoidal fracture which means it shatters into irregular pieces like glass but with different shaped sharp edges similar to a diamond. Due to the sharp edges, blue obsidian is easy to flake and work. It can be sculpted, ground into blades, or transformed into any desired form (e.g., jewelry).

Blue Obsidian is formed in volcanic eruptions when lava cools quickly, and when this happens, it may form as a natural volcanic glass with a smooth lens-shaped or an amorphous appearance. The glass does not contain any pyroclastic material, typically black or silver. When Blue obsidian was first discovered, it was thought to be a magic stone as it possessed magical properties.

Blue Obsidian is useful in electromagnetic fields therapy as it is an excellent conductor of electricity, and the electromagnetic field around the body helps its healing properties. It is often used to treat muscle tension and spasms, especially in the lower back and shoulders. It is also golden in color.

Types Of Obsidians

1. Black Obsidian: 

Black Obsidian

It is a type of obsidian with a shiny black surface and a white or gray streak running through the center. It gets its black coloring from impurities found in the lava when it cools, which combines with the crystal structure of the obsidian and slows down light waves as they enter so that it comes out black. Black obsidian is fast and provides immediate results, thus making it useful for immediate gratification. It can fight off negative energies, black magic, and psychic attacks.

2. Dark Gray Obsidian: 

It is a type of obsidian that has a dark gray color. It has a shiny black surface but with a blotchy or striped appearance. Dark-colored obsidian has profound healing properties and treats serious illnesses and pains. Dark gray obsidian is often combined with rose quartz in healing sessions since it promotes self-healing.

3. Gray Obsidian: 

It is a type of obsidian with a dark gray color and white streaks. It is known for its healing properties and can be used to remove blockages in the chakras and absorb negativity. However, it is pretty slow working, so it may take longer to see positive results.

4. Red Obsidian: 

It is a type of obsidian that has a dark red color. With so much red in its composition, it is thought to be a stone of passion and desire. It is used to activate the sacral chakra and heal emotional wounds. However, using it with care as too much can cause emotional instability.

5. Rainbow Obsidian: 

It is a type of obsidian with streaks of different colors, like browns, pinks, and greens, within the black volcanic glass. Rainbow obsidian is excellent for balancing and harmonizing the colors in the chakras and the subtle body.

6. White Obsidian: 

It is a type of obsidian that is almost translucent and looks white. It has a smooth surface but with some black streaking. It is known to be a stone of purity as it has such calm energies; it can also be used when cleansing crystals.

7. Blue Obsidian:

Like glass and granite, blue obsidian is formed if lava cools slowly and outgasses from volcanic vents. The rock’s chemical composition is similar to Rhyolite, and it’s formed when temperatures are low, water levels are high, and silica is abundant.

Blue Obsidian Crystal
Blue Obsidian Crystal

Therapeutic Uses Of Obsidians:

1. Lower Back Pain: 

A typical back injury can result from an accident or repetitive activities. The pain may be felt in the lower back or the sciatic nerve. Back pains are often caused by muscle injuries, and the best way to treat this is with physical therapy, massage, and exercise. For a long-term solution, it may be beneficial to use blue obsidian therapy to treat the problems from the root.

The back pain may stem from a muscle injury or sprain that causes soreness around the lower back. In this case, you can use black obsidian or dark gray obsidian in your treatment, as both can heal muscle injuries and spasms in this body part. They also assist in decreasing inflammation and eliminating toxins that may have accumulated in the muscles. This, in turn, reduces the pain and soreness.

Black obsidian therapy may benefit lower back pain caused by sciatica, a condition in which the sciatic nerve is swollen or injured due to compression or irritation. The dark black obsidian absorbs negative energies and negative vibes from your aura so that you feel better. It also effectively absorbs all sorts of toxins from your body, promoting healing.

Also, black obsidian may be beneficial if you have muscle spasms in your lower back. Muscle strain or injury is often the cause of this condition, and this black obsidian stone can help heal the muscles so that they no longer spasm or tighten.

2. Shoulder Pain:

 It is a joint pain that anyone may suffer at any age, although it is more commonly suffered during growth spurts. It can be caused by overuse in the shoulders, muscle spasms, or bone fractures. The pain may radiate along the arm or back.

You can use a dark gray obsidian stone for shoulder pain, which gradually works to heal muscle and bone injuries. It is a type of black obsidian, but it is slower working, so it may take longer to see results. Also, it is best to combine it with other stones like rose quartz, which promotes self-healing so that the person can work on their healing while receiving help from the obsidian stone.

As the dark gray obsidian continuously works, it may also remove blockages in the chakras and provide you with greater relaxation. It is excellent as pain can strain your life and cause stress. Therefore, if you are feeling tense or stressed out due to your shoulder injury, this stone can aid you in feeling better so that you can recover faster.

Blue Obsidian

3. Arthritis: 

It is a condition marked by inflammation of the joints that causes pain, stiffness, and heat. It is often caused by a buildup of waste products in the joints and can become a painful condition that does not go away.

Arthritis is one condition for which you may want to use black obsidian therapy. It works first to heal bone fractures, and after it has done this, it gradually begins to absorb all sorts of negative energies and toxins from your body so that your energy field is cleansed and you can heal the inflammation. It will stop the pain.

As black obsidian therapy works to heal you, it can also help you energize and rejuvenate your body to feel better. You will be able to get on with your life and lead a much more productive day so that the black obsidian stone may be able to relieve your pain symptoms long-term.

Blue Obsidian Stones

4. Joint Pain: 

It is a common condition that people of all ages suffer, although the older generation is most commonly affected. A joint is an area where two bones meet, allowing movement. However, joints are also prone to inflammation and strokes.

Arthritis is a common cause of joint pain, leading to joint inflammation. Joint injuries can also lead to joint pain as the body heals itself. In such situations, you may want to use dark gray or reddish obsidian stone therapy as they help heal damaged joints so they do not flare up later. The stone also absorbs poisonous toxins that may have accumulated in the joints, reducing inflammation and pain.

The dark gray obsidian is especially good as it absorbs negative energy, and this relieves you of stress so that you feel better physically. Joint pain can be very stressful, especially when the pain becomes constant. So, the more you relax, the better you will feel emotional and, therefore, physically.

5. Emotional Pain: 

It is a type of suffering caused by either physical or mental anguish. It can be caused by an event or maybe the result of deep-seated emotional problems. Therefore, emotional pain is also called psychic or spiritual pain, as it stems from deep within your psyche.

Emotional grief and emotional trauma are common causes of emotional pain, so if you have suffered a bereavement, this blue obsidian therapy may help. 

It is a natural stone that helps to balance your emotions so that you can deal with your feelings healthily and productively.

The dark gray obsidian also stems from the root of the obsidian stone. It can, therefore, heal emotional problems and may also help with any issues you have in your life due to emotional pain, such as poor relationships, loss of self-esteem, or other emotional problems.

Blue Obsidian Crystal

6. Chakras: 

Are energy centers that exist within the physical body. Also known as energy portals, they connect the physical body with its energy field. They are located along the spine, and their colors reflect their specific functions. For instance, the solar plexus chakra is a bright yellow, while the root chakra is a red color.

The chakras are linked to certain parts of the physical body and control the flow of energy through that area of the body. As a result, if there is an imbalance or blockages in any of the chakras, this may lead to pain or illness.

Besides healing your physical body, black obsidian therapy can balance your chakras to feel better regarding your emotions and overall wellness. This stone works by cleansing your chakras so that you can feel better in every way.

You can also benefit from this stone as it cleanses your aura. An aura is a colored energy field that surrounds your body. It protects and helps heal you when it is clear and free from blockages or other physical obstacles such as parasitic entities or negative energies.

As the obsidian stone works to cleanse your aura, it also works to balance your chakras, and this helps you to feel better as you can operate at a higher level of consciousness. It can help with any issues you may have, such as problems with healing, concentration issues, or even adverse psychic reactions.

To benefit from this stone, you must wear dark gray obsidian jewelry to absorb its healing powers. You may also want to seek the help of a spiritual healer who can perform ceremonies and rituals designed to clear your aura and chakras.

7. Skin Problems: 

Are common in today’s world due to air pollution, stress, or poor diet. The skin is a complex organ affected by any illness or physical overexposure. Skin problems can also be caused by the emotions you feel. So, if you are having difficulties in your life, it is not unusual that you would experience skin issues as your stress levels rise.

Skin conditions include eczema, psoriasis, acne, and fungal infections. Black obsidian healing therapy can help alleviate the symptoms associated with these skin problems so that you can recover faster. The stone works on a cellular level, gently exfoliating the skin so that all toxins, harmful bacteria, and other forms of impurities are removed.

blue obsidian crystals

All these can harm your health, so you must cleanse and detoxify your body to achieve optimal wellness. The black obsidian stone helps to break down skin pigmentation from sun damage and old blemishes. It will leave you with a healthy, even complexion that looks great.

Additional Uses: 

Are the other benefits that you can derive from this stone. If you suffer from a specific condition such as kidney stones, it is a good idea to treat your stone with black obsidian stones so that it helps in healing your kidneys. When you need emergency treatment for minor injuries, this stone is also good as it helps to heal cuts, bruises, and abrasions within hours.


Keeping your blue obsidian stone clean is essential, so its healing properties are not impeded. Cleaning the stone is simple and can be done by simply wiping it with a soft cloth dipped in water. This cleaning process should be repeated every few days to ensure that you can use all of the benefits offered by this stone.

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