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The 80s Jewelry Trends that are Making a Huge Fashion Comeback

Old things become new

Just when you thought a bad fashion style went away for good, it makes a reappearance. The 80s was a time when people wanted to express themselves and promote their own identity These led to some unique fashion styles that made walking down the street interesting. You never knew what you were going to see as teens and young adults started to think outside the fashion box.

Today, those same over-sized fashion trends of the 80s jewelry are making a comeback. They may be 40 years old but they are breathing new life in discovering who one is and how they wants to look in the 2020s.

Fashion trends making a resurgence

The trend today may not be as over-sized and filled with outlandish colors but they are distinctly from the 80s. Here are some of those trends making another go at being fashionable and cool.

#1. Fabrics

This list does not just limit fabrics to raw materials. It includes those fabrics that have been made into popular clothing items.

Patchwork denim– this was a holdover style from the 70s. It didn’t lose its popularity till the late 80s and it helped young adults make their own fashion statements.

Patchwork denim

It is coming back replacing that tired distressed look that took over for patchwork denim in the 90s.

Velour– what made this fabric so popular was how it moved when you moved and it came in many colors. Used in the 80s jewelry for just about every clothing item that needed room to move, this fabric is getting popular once again.

There is good reason for its comeback, it is a very versatile fabric that makes a person look great.

Lame– another 80s jewelry fabric that created a great look if you were going to your prom or debutante ball. The material was interlaced with gold and silver thread providing the wearer with a glittering look that caught everyone’s eye.

The good news is that it is not just for ball gowns and prom dresses this year. You can get this material made into a variety of clothing items to make sure you have your own unique look.

Mom Jeans– Another name for this fashion style would be high-waist jeans. It was the look in the 80s jewelry and now they are the essence of casual. Plus, they are made to be comfortable.

Just put on a nice shirt and you can go just about anywhere non-formal events are being held. This is simplicity defined.

The 80s were a time when people wanted to express themselves and promote their own identity. Today, those same over-sized fashion trends are making a comeback. They are breathing new life in discovering who one is and how they wants to look in the 2020s.

Acid washed jeans– This rebellious, rock-n-roll look is making another try at being the rockers’ go-to clothing style. Looking cool has never looked so good

Leopard prints– the 80s were all about being outlandish and over-the-top. This fabric fits that style and attitude to a ‘T’. Today, it is making a comeback but it is being used by fashion designers in a more refined way.

No more over-the-top fashion statements, just a nice fabric accessory to complement the other fabrics you are wearing.

Shoulder pads– the only item on this list where we would say ‘why?’ Not the best fashion item to make a comeback but some women like that square shouldered look. To each their own.

#2. Jewelry

Hoop Earrings & more– these oversized earrings were common throughout the earrings, They made the statement that the woman was bold and beautiful. Along with this design, clip on earrings were all the rage and more comfortable to wear.

hoop earrings 80's

These items are coming back as they still have fashion and practical value. Not to be outdone, the gold round earrings with pearls, etc., in the middle are used again to complement a blazer’s buttons.

Necklaces– What would the 80s be like without the long strings of gold chains and faux pearls and other gemstones? These items provided an excellent way to accessorize and make your own fashion statement.

They are perfect today when you want to stand out from the crowd and make your own fashion statement.

Brooches & rings– these have been around since the beginning of time. But the 80s jewelry made them big, bold, and gaudy. They can also be seen as old-fashioned but they are making a new statement today.

rings 80's

New inspiration has created some very creative brooches and rings you would be proud to wear.

Bracelets– big, colorful, and versatile. When you want to make a nice bold fashion statement, you can put more than two on your arm. Let everyone know you are an independent person who thinks for yourself.

But when you want to be demure, sophisticated, or show a little class, you can wear one or two gold bracelets and still make a great fashion statement.

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#3. Accessories

Logos– It was one cool to show your loyalty to your favorite soda drinks, sports, and other events. People in the 80s placed logos on everything they could. From t-shirts to jeans to =jackets, you knew what everyone else liked and they knew what you liked.

Today, showing your loyalty to your favorite brands is coming back. Place the different logos wherever you like. You have more freedom these days to make a fashion statement for top brands.

Mesh– stay cool literally. Mesh was a great night club attire as it kept you nice and cool. It also highlighted those physical features you are proud of. Mesh also goes with just about any pair of pants, jeans or skirt you want to wear.

mesh fashion

Just like the 80s, the club scene is where mesh fits in the best in 2022. You won’t be out of style as all your friends will have mesh on as well when you go on a lady’s night out.

Sunglasses– these have never gone away but the unique color designs have. Bright colors were once a staple of the 80s. People wanted to be themselves and they thought that colored sunglasses was the right accessory to use.

Sunglasses 80's

They are back and you can make your own fashion statement by matching colored sunglasses to your hair color, eye color, or your handbag color. The options are limitless.

Bomber jackets– the movie Top Gun made them more popular than they had ever been. But slowly this fashion item disappeared in favor of other classy jackets that set off your eyes or completed your look.

Today, they are back and looking as good as ever. It remains to be seen if the new Top Gun movie will start a bomber jacket trend again. If not, they are still fashionable and work well with just about any clothing item you wear.

Neon– when you really do not want to be incognito. This clothing color worked in the 80s and it is working again today. Paired with the right-colored clothing items, you can be visible all the time.

These colors are great when you are working out and you want people to notice your figure. They are also a fun-loving color scheme that is perfect for this decade.

Spray painted clothing– if there is anything that really lets people know the real you, this 80s jewelry option is it. You can do it yourself or buy from some of the few of the top fashion brands who see this as the next big trend.

Spray painted clothing 80's

Spray painted clothing is very individualistic. That makes expressing yourself a lot easier and more fun.

High-cut bathing suits– This Baywatch fashion trend is not going to go away. This style of the bathing suit gives you freedom of movement as well as allows you to highlight your best features.

The more modern cut-out design makes sure your body is displayed perfectly

How to wear 80s jewelry fashion

The difference between the 80s and now is that back then bold and bright were beautiful. In today’s fashion era, clothing, jewelry, and accessories are toned down just a tad bit. That means to really show off your new 80s jewelry look, you have to be careful not to get too loud or too brash.

But that attitude does not mean you can’t go large or bold. Pick large earrings, bracelets, and long rope necklaces that need to be wrapped several times around your neck.

Be brave and courageous when you pick your colors as well. Bold colors that light up a room are okay to wear. Just do not go over the top and be outlandish like fashion setters were in the 80s.

Also, pick one or two pieces of clothing, jewelry, or accessories to be your focal point. The 80s jewelry had no boundaries but today not everyone likes that over-the-top look.

Be tasteful but be bold. Being a Cindy Lauper or Madonna today may not go over that well when you are out in public. You can still wear 80s jewelry fashion trends today and let everyone see your great fashion style.

Just do not overdo it as they did in the 80s. Bold is beautiful but being too bold may send the wrong message today.

Where can you buy 80s jewelry fashion today?

That is the million dollar question for most fashion-friendly people who like to be on the cutting edge. These fabrics, jewelry, and accessories will not be labeled as 1980s designs.

But that lack of labeling does not make them hard to find. You have to look at the construction material, colors, and designs to see which item had its start in that decade.

The 80s jewelry look is in most fashion and clothing stores right now. You just have to look for the right-sized earrings, plastic cuffs, neon colors on clothing, and more.

The good news is that you do not have to leave your home to shop for these items. Unlike the 1980s when the internet was not really a thing, you can shop online.

All your shopping can be done through your cellphone, Notebook, laptop or PC. You do not have to get dressed up and fight traffic while hunting for a parking space. You can stay home drink a cup of coffee and shop.

You have many online marketplaces and stores to look through to find the items you like. Because they are online, you can save money as well. Prices tend to be lower when you go to an online outlet to get your fashion items.

Retail brick and mortar stores have a higher overhead so they have to charge more. This makes completing your fashion look simple, easy, and economical. Plus, you are helping the environment by not using your car or other modes of transportation.

Is 1980s fashion for you?

80's fashion

This is a question only you can answer. Not every fashion trend looks good on men or women. This will include 80s jewelry fashion items. There are some guidelines to follow that will help you answer that question:

#1. does it look good on you- not every piece of jewelry, etc., complements your figure or face

#2. is the color too bright- neon is not for everyone but you can still wear bright and bold colors

#3. does it complement your clothing and accessories- another good question to answer as clashing fashion items send you to fashion jail not the runway

In general, though, people can wear whatever they want these days. It is how they want to be perceived that dictates the fashion items they wear. If you want to be seen as classy and sophisticated, then tone down those 80s jewelry items.

If you want to be seen as a free spirit, then go all out, mix, match, and be unique. How you look is up to you.

Some final words

To everything out of the 80s jewelry looks good on everyone. Some people can pull those designs and colors off but they are not for everyone. Be selective when you want to be part of this comeback trend.

There are some very good fashion items that work well in any decade and for almost any age group. Just be yourself and pick the items you like and want to be seen in.

There is nothing wrong with many of those 80s jewelry fashion items, except maybe the shoulder pads, and you should explore those items to make sure you express who you are.

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